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You’ve got tile that was out of style by 1972. Your pipes creak and rattle. Your toilet spends more time clogged than it does working, and you don’t even want to know what that weird gurgle is every time you turn on the sink. Your bathroom is tanked, but you don’t have to flush it just yet — not with these tips for home improvement with bathroom contractors in Overland Park.

The first thing to consider is form versus function. Or, as Miss Vida Boheme put it, it comes down to that age-old decision: style, or substance? There’s no reason you can’t have both. When remodeling your bathroom, you should take into account any functional upgrades or repairs you might need, including replacing outdated plumbing, damaged countertops, rusty fixtures, or any number of other practical concerns. Factor those concerns in when working with bathroom contractors in Overland Park to select parts, tiles, and fixtures to match the design aesthetic of your new bathroom.

Next, consider your available space. It’s one thing to want a sauna bath when you barely have space for a shower stall, but you’d be surprised what you can do with a little creativity (and possibly with the freedom to knock out a wall here or there). It’s not hard to integrate space-saving principles or take a creative approach to utilizing oddly-shaped spaces to create something unique that not only modernizes your bathroom, but makes it personal to your needs.

Last but most certainly not least, focus on quality. By partnering with bathroom contractors in Overland Park, you can ensure that you get the utmost in quality for both your parts and the work involved in remodeling and refurbishing your bathroom.

Your bathroom may be old, but it’s not washed up just yet. Give it a second chance with remodels and repairs from trusted local contractors in home improvement and refurbishing.