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Things to consider before choosing a toilet for your bathroom remodel in Kansas City

Have you checked out toilets lately? They have come a long way. Self-cleaning toilets. Toilets that light up, heat up and close themselves. Today, Kansas City homeowners are finding out that there are so many options, configurations, and styles to choose from that – just deciding on a toilet – can seem overwhelming. 

But it doesn’t have to be that way. Here is some practical advice to help you choose the right toilet for your budget and lifestyle. 

The Latest And Greatest

There are all kinds of “whiz-bang” new toilets on the market. Some have more built-in technology than your average smartphone. But buyer beware. Sometimes all that extra technology isn’t worth the extra money. 

A toilet that cleans itself sounds great until it breaks and requires a specialized service call. Or needs an exotic and expensive part just to be repaired. Sometimes simpler is better. (Not to say that there aren’t some amazing high-tech toilets out there. Contact us for a free in-home professional design consultation to see what’s next in toilet-tech.)

Going Green

Older toilets used a lot of water – 3.5 gallons per flush. The standard toilet today uses only an average of 1.6 gallons per flush – almost 50% less water! That’s great for the environment. But it’s also a great way to reduce your water bill.

Want to save even more?

Consider a High-Efficiency or Ultra High-Efficiency toilet. They use as little as 1 gallon per flush – saving 40% more water than their 1.6 gpf counterparts.

But before you go all-in on going green, take the time to find the right balance between saving the planet and saving money.  The price tag associated with owning the latest water-saving design could cancel out the long-term benefits to your water bill. Let us help you save water and money. Contact us for a free in-home professional design consultation today.

Up Your Toilet Game

Traditionally, toilet bowl rims sit about 15-inches from the floor. Add the seat ring and you are looking at another ½ to 1-inch of height.

But we all come in different shapes and sizes, don’t we? Many people find that a taller toilet bowl is far more comfortable. Just make sure you don’t get in over your head. There are several different configurations of toilets to suit different needs. Selecting the right configuration will ensure that the toilet has the right look and design for you and your bathroom.

Match Your Toilet To Your Bathroom Design 

Sleek, sexy and modern or practical and pedestrian? That super-stylish new toilet might look great in the showroom but not exactly match the look and decor of your eventual bathroom remodel.

Also, consider how the toilet will be used. Do you have a large family where the toilet will we see a lot of use? Then you might want to consider a toilet that’s more practical, durable and easier to clean.

Or, are you an empty-nester and want your toilet to be the central showpiece to a unique and modern design? Then it might make more sense to spend a little more to complete the look.

The bottom line is to make sure that whatever toilet you choose, make sure it fits your lifestyle, budget, and decor.

Ready To Go?

Let the design consultants at Jericho Home Improvements help you choose a toilet that balances beauty, practicality, and water-saving design – all while helping you keep from flushing your hard-earned money down the drain. Contact us, right now, to get your bathroom remodeling project started today.

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