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If you’re looking to update your kitchen but want to cut costs, consider a kitchen refinish over a full remodel. This is a great choice for home improvement in Richmond, MO. If you like the overall layout of your kitchen, and your cabinets don’t need a full replacement, a kitchen refinish may work for you. Here are several ways a kitchen refinish can dress up your kitchen.

Cabinets can be sanded and painted or stained to achieve a completely different color or style. You can update your cabinets with a trendy white, black or grey finish. Another trend is to insert glass in the cabinet facing. Since this process usually has a lower cost than full replacement, you can bring your cabinets up to date with refinishing.

Replacing your countertop will take your kitchen to the next level.Consider a quartz, granite or marble countertop.Many of these hard surfaces are beautiful, durable and easy to maintain.They add a shiny, reflective look to your kitchen and can be one of the best choices for home improvement in Richmond, MO.To complement your new countertops, choose a new tile backsplash.Subway tile is popular and has a clean, modern look.Multicolored tiles are available in different sizes, shapes and finishes.

Another simple way to dress up your kitchen is to change out fixtures.You can upgrade your faucet, lighting and cabinet hardware with new versions.These little changes will make all the difference in the way your kitchen looks.

Consider updating your kitchen flooring.Ceramic tile is easy to clean and inexpensive and available in new finishes that look like wood.New grout formulations are stain-resistant and available in a wide variety of colors to match your updated kitchen.Wood floors can be sanded and refinished. 

Whether you choose new cabinet facings, countertops, fixtures or flooring, your kitchen will feel like a dressier place.Kitchen refinishes like these are cost-saving options for home improvement in Richmond, MO.