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Awesome Kitchen Remodeling For ‘On The Go’ Families In Kansas City 

It’s nice when a family has time for a traditional meal in a dining room. But let’s face it – with today’s fast-paced society and busy families, the kitchen is now often the new dining room. 

Having an eat-in kitchen is especially convenient for meals because it offers one space for everything: prepping, cooking, eating, and cleaning up. With a well-planned kitchen remodel, your family can finally have the right space for preparing quick, healthful meals together in a well-designed eat-in kitchen.

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Some Essential Ideas For An Eat-In Kitchen

Eat-In Kitchen Islands

Kitchen islands offer many benefits and are nearly essential for an eat-in kitchen if you don’t have enough space to add a table.

A kitchen island offers space for casual seating and serves as a design focal point around which the rest of your kitchen can revolve. Islands also provide valuable additional space for prepping and cooking. By adding bar stools or tall chairs to an island, your family will have an excellent place to eat quick meals and a place to sit and keep each other company while meals are being prepared.

Eat-In Kitchen Tables

Depending on the size and shape of your kitchen, there are a variety of tables that you can use to create a more “dining room feel” for your eat-in kitchen. You could add a tall table to the end of your island to add more seating and prep space. Or you could create a small breakfast nook with a small round table in the corner of the room. 

In some cases, you can even use a traditional wooden dining room table to create a superb place for family dinner.

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Eat-In Kitchen Chairs & Benches

There are many great choices for chairs and benches that can be used to create the look and feel you want in your eat-in kitchen. Using your own style and tastes plus the help of a professional Kansas City kitchen remodeler, you’ll be able to perfectly match chairs to your table or island.

Tall, metal stools give your kitchen a more modern look, while wooden chairs can be used to add a rustic, traditional touch. Benches are especially useful when set in a wall to save space, and they make a nook extra comfortable and relaxing. Benches can also be used off to the side just to create some more seating in the room.

Using Patterns & Textures

With the multiple pieces of furniture that go into creating an eat-in kitchen, you can play with patterns, colors, and textures that put your style and personality on display. Fun, off-beat colors make for a livelier space; while neutral tones can create a contemporary look; mixing different types of woods can add up to a rustic, homey feel; or use an accent space across the room to make it feel more unified.

Extra Touches

Don’t forget to add smaller touches to your eat-in kitchen. Things like an area rug, throw pillows on a bench, or the right pictures on the wall, all can add up to a more inviting kitchen that reflects your family’s style. 

Putting Your Eat-In Kitchen Together

Bringing together all the design elements of your eat-in kitchen is what makes remodeling an exciting experience. And the best way to get started is to take advantage of our free design services.To schedule a free design consultation, Contact Us.

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