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5 Ways To Make Your Kansas City
Bathroom Remodel Eco-Friendly

A Local Bathroom Design Contractor Can Make Your
Remodel Environmentally Friendly

Incorporating eco-conscious building and remodeling practices into your Kansas City home design is the way of the future. When global issues like climate change seem overwhelming, take a deep breath and know that small changes in your home impact the world.

A bathroom remodel is the perfect time to start practicing eco-consciousness. After all, we spend a lot of time in our bathrooms and use many precious natural resources in doing so. Now is the time to start thinking “green” and bring your new bathroom up to date and into the future.

Though including big eco-friendly features is always helpful, sometimes it’s about minor changes too. So, let’s look at five features you can add to your bathroom remodel to make it more eco-friendly.

1. Install A New Shower Or Bath For Less Water Waste 

Tearing out your old shower or bath in favor of a modern and energy-efficient product is a great option. Old showers and baths are prone to wasting much more water than is needed. New showers and baths are better regulated to help distribute water more efficiently.

New low-flow shower heads can help save energy and water, as they lessen the amount of water waste. Plus, some new showers allow you to pre-set your water temperature, preventing you from wasting gallons of water before you find the right temperature. This helps to save water and energy in heating.

2. Replace Old Lighting Fixtures 

New energy-efficient lighting is important to think about when doing a bathroom remodel. Replacing old light bulbs with LED light bulbs is essential, but the lighting fixture itself can lower your carbon footprint even more.

LED lighting is the smart choice, as it thoroughly lights a room with minimal effort. It also saves up to 90% more energy than old-fashioned bulbs and lasts 40 times longer than incandescent lights. Plus, incandescent bulbs cannot be recycled and end up in landfills, whereas most modern light bulbs are recycled and reused.

Because LED lighting lasts much longer than traditional lights, you’ll save money and energy — your energy bills will be lower, and you won’t needlessly spend on constant lightbulb replacement.

3. Put In A Low-Flow Toilet 

Some water departments across the country now require proof of low-flow toilets, but it can’t hurt to install one in your new bathroom regardless of whether it’s necessary or not. Low-flow toilets reduce the amount of water wasted when we flush, helping to conserve the precious resource.

Older styles of low-flow toilets may have gotten a bad rap, but the technology has advanced throughout the past decade. Modern low-flow toilets have the flushing power needed to do their job using a fraction of the water an old-style toilet used.

When shopping for a new toilet, look for the WaterSense label, with which you can save nearly 13,000 gallons per year. That’s 20% less water waste than standard toilets, saving the planet’s resources and saving you money on utility bills.

4. Use Natural And Sustainable Materials 

Not every bathroom remodeling company is concerned with the environment – some don’t think about it at all. However, bathroom remodeling produces a lot of waste and has a definite impact on the environment. This makes it all the more important to use natural or sustainable building materials whenever possible.

Ask your contractor about the manufacturers they use. Knowing where your materials are coming from and who sources them empowers you to make “greener” decisions. For example, not all vanity woods are sustainable and may contain toxic or harmful chemicals.

Investing in good, quality materials from reputable manufacturers ensures you get quality products that are better for the environment. Plus, when you invest in quality, you’re paying for long-lasting durability, cutting down on replacement waste in the future.

5. Install Quality Flooring 

Flooring often goes overlooked, as most homeowners are more concerned with their new bathroom fixtures. Like using sustainable, quality materials on shelving or vanities, eco-friendly bathroom flooring is also a must.

Get rid of your vinyl flooring, as it’s one of the least eco-conscious flooring options on the market. Tile, stone, or even some types of laminate flooring in the bathroom are better eco-friendly options. Not only are they made primarily from natural resources, but they last longer, eliminating excess waste.

There are even several recycled flooring manufacturers, some of which produce glass and ceramic tiles. Concrete or cork bathroom floors are currently sustainable trends, as well. If installing wood flooring, ensure that the wood species is Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified to get maximum sustainability.

Kansas City’s Biggest Home Remodeler Focuses On
Environmentally-Friendly Results

At Jericho Home Improvements, we understand the role Kansas City home remodelers play in keeping our planet safe and healthy and don’t take the responsibility lightly. From easy-access bathrooms to custom showers, we want to give our customers exactly what they want, ensuring years of beautiful functionality.

The more you like your bathroom results, the less you’ll want to change it in another few years, saving you time, money, and energy for the planet. Our Master Installers are experts in their craft, always paying attention to the minor details. We only use the finest products from trusted manufacturers, giving you peace of mind in a quality bathroom.

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