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There have been a lot of emerging technological advances over the past few years and you would be amazed to see how many of them can be incorporated into your kitchen.  Think about motion activation, automation and a truly modernized way of waking up to a sparkling new kitchen with some incredible technological integrations.  Here at Jericho Home Improvements we enjoy educating our clients on what is new and available for your kitchen remodeling project and take pride in the fact that we can offer some wonderful new and highly-advanced technology to our customers. So, what are some kitchen technology ideas you can incorporate during your kitchen remodeling project? 

Some Great Tech Options For Your Kitchen

Motion Sensitive & Touch-Activated Kitchen Faucets

Perhaps you have seen commercials for motion-activated or touch-activated kitchen faucets and have always wanted one in your home!  It’s definitely trending this year and there are several reasons why. First, convenience. Second, hygiene.  It’s amazing how many things we can touch throughout the day and how we can easily spread bacteria during the cooking process.  This type of technology allows for hands-free activation so you don’t contaminate your faucet or sink while attempting to clean your hands.  It’s also very functional for filling up pots and cleaning up an area.  When you install these types of faucets, it can also lead to increased productivity in the kitchen. Some of them also include color-changing LED lights to let you know that you are running the water at a certain temperature.  Efficient and easy! 

Automation & Voice-Control

Ah, smart devices!  We all have come to know and love them.  Automation has made life easier these days and we can smarten up our kitchen space by adding voice control and automation.  There are several options for this and choosing the right one can be challenging.  Both Amazon and Google have come out with their version: The Amazon Alexa and The Google Nest.  Depending upon your preferences for brand and also considering what other devices you have in your home that can sync with them, both can make for wonderful advances in your kitchen space.  Some have video capability that can show you recipes, the weather, and even play music or podcasts and order groceries.  Just speak up and let these voice-control devices make living life in your kitchen and home easier!

Rising Outlets

What exactly is an outlet that rises?  Well, it’s actually called a pop-up outlet and  it can be installed to rise right out of your counter.  These are nifty devices because they do not take up space and they can rise when needed if you do not want to clutter up your kitchen counter.  Simple and easy, and they do not create an eyesore on your wall leaving it open for a beautiful backsplash instead.  Oh, the wonders of technology in the kitchen.  These rising outlets are also helpful with keeping cords from getting in the way, so they are not just tech-friendly, but are made to make your kitchen even safer. 

Touch Screen Appliance Communication

Let’s connect!  Smart fridges and other smart appliances now offer communication.  It’s as easy as connecting your phone to them!  Your refrigerator can let you know when it needs a new water filter, your oven can let you know if it’s still on if you have walked away, and even your coffee maker can be programmed to start brewing the next morning before you even awake.  It’s amazing what connectivity can do and touch screen appliances can help.  There are new refrigerators that actually use weighing mechanisms to figure out if you need groceries.  Running low on something, your refrigerator knows! And just like with those voice-activated devices like the Alexa, you can actually set this up to order your groceries directly to your front door.  Convenient, beautiful and affordable, touch screen appliances are really becoming popular in today’s market. 

Vacuum Options

This option is relatively new, but it really does make a huge impact in your kitchen. Did you know that you can actually have vacuum compartments installed in the bottom of your cabinets?   When you are ready, just flip a switch and the suction turns on pulling in all of the crumbs, dust and debris. They work with reusable bags, so sustainability is a factor here.  It’s so easy and super efficient, so why not?  It will keep you from having to reach down to the floor to clean up any messes and keep that vacuum cleaner put away.  Super efficient! 

Choose Jericho Today

Jericho Home Improvements is committed to quality and safety and we want to provide our homeowners with the benefits of technological options in kitchen remodeling.  There are so many choices when it comes to upgrading your kitchen space, and we will work with you to figure out what design and what advances to bring into your home.    Jericho even has a professional design team to help hone in on which style is best for you and to make it just right. 

Interested in starting a kitchen remodeling project? If you’re in or directly around the Kansas City, KS area, please Contact Us and we will be there to answer all of your questions about kitchen remodeling and discuss the options we have at Jericho.  

Feel free to take a look at our kitchen gallery which shows off our custom work and can give you some great ideas to create the kitchen of your dreams!   

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