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Why You’ll Feel 100% Comfortable With Jericho Installers In Your Home

We Don’t Just Hire Based On Talent And Skill. We Look For People With The Right Attitude.

There’s an important topic that doesn’t get discussed much in the home remodeling industry. But we want to talk about it anyway.

It’s about the quality of installers that show up to the job. Not just the quality of the work they perform, though—the quality of their PERSONALITY. We’re talking about things such as politeness, friendliness, and respectfulness.

Because here’s the truth: A lot of Kansas City kitchen remodelers and bathroom remodelers settle for installers that miss those marks. Maybe you’ve even had the (unpleasant) experience of having them in your home on another remodeling job.

At Jericho, We Hire Installers Who Are Good PEOPLE

One thing that sets Jericho Home Improvements apart is that we hire genuinely kind, courteous, and professional people. We pay close attention to a candidate’s personality and attitude during the hiring process and actively weed out anyone who doesn’t meet our standards.

Here’s what that means: You’ll feel comfortable having our installers in your home, and you’ll appreciate the respect they show you and your family. We bend over backward to make your experience low-stress. That’s a promise.

Here’s The Standards Required Of Jericho Installers

  • Does high-quality work and pays attention to the details
  • Does what they say they are going to do (especially showing up as scheduled)
  • Cares about their appearance (things like khaki pants, shirt tucked in, and so on—no ripped jeans or sloppy t-shirts)
  • And, most important, being considerate and kind. Politeness and respect are mandatory—it’s not even a question

And here is something we’ve learned over the years (and it makes complete sense when you think about it): How well an installer treats people usually indicates how good their work will be.

When you pay attention to how you treat others—and you CARE about how you treat them—you also tend to be the kind of person who is conscientious about the details of your work. We’ve found this to be true over and over again. And it’s how we’ve managed to almost always hit a home run when hiring a new installer.

Bottom Line: Our Installers CARE… Period

If we had to make a hiring choice between an ornery installer with 25 years of experience and a kind, driven novice, we’re taking the novice. It’s just that simple.

With the right training (which we have), pretty much anyone can become a master installer. But it’s practically impossible to “train” someone to be a nice, courteous person if they aren’t already.

That’s why we look for candidates who are “people” people. The kind of individuals who are passionate about helping others, bend-over-backward polite, and unwaveringly respectful. The type of installers who LOVE what they do and treat homeowners like you the RIGHT way.

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