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Gaining Weight Is A Good Thing . . .

For Your Home’s Kitchen And Bathroom

We know the quality of Kansas City kitchen and bathroom remodeling materials is no laughing matter. Unless, of course, you’re talking about the lightweight, flimsy big-box products some other kitchen and bath contractors use to cut costs.

You know…

  • The countertops that feel no more sturdy than a piece of cardboard.
  • Sinks that scratch or dent if you so much as drop a fork in them.
  • The shower doors that do nothing to stop water from escaping (which defeats the purpose of a shower door to begin with).

But at Jericho Home Improvements, we stick to the heavy hitters of quality kitchen and bath components, materials, and fixtures.

In other words, we never compromise on quality.

And we don’t just toss the word quality around lightly (no pun intended). When we say quality materials, we really mean it. Whether it’s:

  • Extra-thick granite countertops that feel like they’re cut straight from boulders.
  • Stainless steel sinks that could withstand a hailstorm.
  • Shower doors that could double as a bank safe.

You get the idea…

Sure, these products may take a powerlifter to move, given their substantial weight. Especially when compared to the cheap airy stuff so many Kansas City kitchen and bath remodelers cut corners with. But trust us when we say – our extra lifting is worth it in the long run.

But how can you really know if a material or component is top-quality before installing it for good in your home? For instance – is there a measurable and objective attribute that can indicate kitchen and bathroom product quality?

Of course there is.

Its weight.

The Golden, Rather, The Brass Rule Of
Quality Kitchen And Bath Materials

When shopping for kitchen and bathroom materials to install in your new Kansas City home’s remodel you might be dealing with two scenarios.

Scenario 1 – you’re shopping around for materials, wondering how in the world to determine their lifelong quality.

Scenario 2 – your contractor is shopping around for materials, claiming they’re giving you the best name-brand stuff but conveniently leaving out the whole “lifelong quality” part.

Here’s the problem with scenario number two. You’ll never know the actual quality of a component, fixture, or material unless you physically handle it yourself. Because its weight is often the key indicator of how well it will stand up to years of heavy use.

Your contractor might claim what they’re installing is a name brand. Heck, it probably even looks shiny and pretty from the outside. But that doesn’t mean the unseen stuff is made with quality.

In fact, in most cases, it’s not. And there’s a straightforward reason why.

Brass Vs. Plastic

Let’s get down to brass tacks (we had to) – if what your contractor offers you is as easy to pick up as a college-ruled notebook, ask them this.

“Are the inner components brass?”

You’ll see a quick, nervous look on their face before they even have a chance to answer. Because it’s simple – if the material is too light, its inner workings are NOT made with high-quality materials.

Think of it this way – if you go to a museum with ornate objects of past cultures, would these ancient artifacts be made with modern plastic?


Many would be made from the timeless copper-zinc alloy known as brass.

So if you want your kitchen and bath to last a lifetime – make sure the fittings of what you’re installing are millennia-lasting brass due to their:

  • Durability – brass fittings resist corrosion, cracking, and degradation, unlike plastic fittings, which can become brittle, cracked, and deteriorate over time.
  • Strength – brass fittings can withstand higher levels of pressure and impact. This is vital in plumbing systems where the fittings need to withstand the weight of water and other materials flowing through the pipes.

So even though brass-inclusive materials might be more of a pain to haul around, it’s more than worth it to get you the best remodel possible.

We’re Your Kitchen And Bathroom’s
Enabler For Gaining Weight

In any other scenario, weight gain would be a bad thing. But not when we design your Kansas City kitchen and bathroom with longevity in mind.

At Jericho, we’re known for:

  • Brass-fitted fixtures – as previously discussed, any fitting made with brass will have far better functionality and lifespan than plastic.
  • Stainless steel sinks – compared to thin plastic or lower-quality stainless sinks, our 16-gauge sinks offer unparalleled durability and reliability even under the weight of the tallest mountain of dishes.
  • Thick granite countertops – compared to 2cm granite, 3cm granite is superior in every way. They are highly resistant to chips, spider cracking, and heat.
  • Sealing to the gills – speaking of highly-robust countertops, they’re also nearly impenetrable as we seal them multiple times to resist any and all stains. 

Call To Join The Heavy-Weight Class Of
Kitchen And Bathroom Remodeling

If you’re ready for your heavy-weight Kansas City kitchen and bathroom remodel done by a contractor who never lowers their standards, contact Jericho Home Improvements for a free quote today!