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Here’s A Meeting That 99% Of Kitchen & Bath Remodelers NEVER Have With You…

And It’s Why So Many Remodeling Projects Are Super Stressful

You’ve probably heard at least one nightmare remodeling story from a friend or family member, or maybe even experienced one.

A contractor makes promises left and right… and then doesn’t keep them.

Things go wrong, unexpected issues crop up… and the problems never get fixed or addressed.

Why are these things so common in kitchen and bathroom remodeling?

The problem in almost every case is poor internal communication and a lack of professional processes.

With the typical contractor, each new remodeling project is handled in scatterbrain fashion, and their “process” is more like a mad scramble based on whatever is in front of them at the moment.


Jericho Is Different: We Have A Team Of Experts, A Purposeful Process & Great Communication

Great kitchen and bathroom remodeling results don’t just happen: they’re 100% on purpose.

That’s why we have a crystal-clear process to make sure nothing gets overlooked, and if there are any issues, a way to solve them quickly.

For example, we have a meeting within a week of you signing an agreement to transition your project smoothly from the design consultant to your project manager.

At that meeting:

  • We’ll go over the agreement line by line to make sure everything you were promised will happen.
  • We have pictures of the agreed upon products right in the agreement, so there won’t be miscommunication about what is being ordered for you.
  • We take the time to re-measure everything in your project space so we don’t make a mistake when ordering. (As we like to say, “measure twice, order once”).
  • You’ll be given your Project Manager’s cell phone number. You’ll have zero worries about who to contact if you have a question or concern at any point in the process – your project manager is your go-to and you have his cell number.
  • We go over all the little details that help a project run more smoothly. Are there pets we need to be aware of? Will you be home while we are working or how can we best work out access? (We can even install a lock box on your door similar to what real estate agents use if you prefer).
  • We’ll go over timelines, explain under what circumstances they might be altered, and answer all your questions.

This type of hand over meeting is one that almost no one else does: 99% of remodeling contractors have nothing like it! (And that’s why so many projects go sideways, with broken promises and results that don’t match what you were told originally).


And That’s Just Step One…

Our process is like this all the way through – we keep in constant communication with you and have a purposeful process from start to finish.

Do you want to avoid all the headaches and hassles of a typical kitchen and bath remodel? Jericho Home Improvements is the biggest and best kitchen and bath remodeler in Kansas City for a reason. We have the best processes, people, and products and it all adds up to stunning results you’ll absolutely love.

Do We Sound Like Your Kind Of Company?

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