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Discover some surprising and innovative ways to conceal your wall outlets in Kansas City

Sometimes a simple wall outlet can ruin a perfectly good design. But we are here to let you in on a little secret – you can hide your wall outlets!
Here are some tips and tricks Kansas City homeowners can use to hide outlets. Or at least minimize their impact on your stunning new kitchen design.

Pop Up Or Hidden Outlets

Outlets don’t have to go on the wall anymore. You can hide them in all kinds of secret compartments – each covertly hidden around your kitchen.

From trap doors and swivel doors to pop up towers that rise out of your countertops, outlets can remain out of sight until you need them. When you need the plug, just open the door or pop the outlet out of the countertop and plug in your appliance. When you are done, the outlet goes away. This is especially handy on an island. Contact us to see all the innovative new ways to conceal your wall outlets using secret compartments and hidden doors today.

Hiding In Plain Sight

Another way to hide outlets is to give them the chameleon treatment.If electric outlets are ruining your design, you can paint them with the existing wall color for a seamless appearance. Or, if your walls are covered in wallpaper, wrap the plates with matching wallpaper until they practically disappear.

For outlets embedded in brick, stone or concrete, consider using faux painting techniques to match the texture and look of each different material.

Concealed Charging Stations

One of the really interesting ways to keep outlets out-of-sight is to install them in a drawer or kitchen cabinet. It’s a great way to disguise a handy charging station where you can recharge your phones, laptops, and tablets without the eyesore of cords and cables cluttering your countertops. Schedule your free in-home professional design consultationto see all the new innovative new cabinets that feature charging stations, right now.

Go With The Flow

You can also hide outlets by working them into the design. For example, outlets don’t always have to be vertical. Or even placed their standard locations.  Sometimes, you can simply ask the tile installer to install wall outlets horizontally to seamlessly blend into the horizontal tile pattern. That way the outlet will blend into the tile rather than sticking out like a sore thumb.

Unconventional Placement

Here is your chance to break all the rules. Try placing outlets in unexpected places. For example, moving the outlets to a lower, horizontal position near the floor might help keep them from ruining the look of your beautiful new backsplash. And because you won’t have long cords snaking up to a higher plug, they’ll be mostly out of sight when in use.

Plug And Play?

Ready to get your kitchen project started? Let the design consultants at Jericho Home Improvements help design a kitchen you’ll love with all the added features you need – including hidden wall outlets.  If you are looking to remodel your kitchen in Kansas City, call the only Kansas City remodeler that guarantees their results. Get your free design consultation and quote started today by contacting us, right now.

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