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Visual Impact

The first thing that you see when you walk into a kitchen or bathroom is the cabinets. If the cabinetry is stunning, it can make a significant impact on you.  It will ultimately enhance the rest of your room if your cabinets look like a million bucks. Cabinetry is one of the best investments you can make for your home. Not only do they give the visual impact you are looking for, but they also make your life so much more comfortable and more convenient. 

Double Your Space

When you design your kitchen and bathroom improvements in Kansas City, a trend that has become increasingly more popular is creating a space with dual purposes. You can quickly do this in your kitchen and bathroom by merely adding a nook to either room.

Kitchen nooks can create a quiet, sunny spot in front of a kitchen window that is a great place to thumb through a favorite cookbook or enjoy an eat-in meal. Cabinets can also be dual purpose. Sometimes these will even be reminiscent of cabinetry in the past such as a pie safe. A pie safe is an example of cabinetry with a dual purpose. Your cabinet designer can incorporate many of these types of cabinetry into your kitchen design. The perfect complement to this type of cabinetry is an apron or farmhouse sink.

A great way to create a unique area in the bathroom is with a wet room. Once you step into your wet room with a freestanding tub and shower, you will find yourself immediately relaxing. You can carry the relaxing spa-like feeling throughout the rest of your bathroom with everything from the lighting to the flooring.

Tilework Design

Another trending feature that can go from the kitchen to the bathroom is tile. You will find inspiration for your room when you discuss tile designs with your kitchen and bathroom designer. You may discover that you have more artistic abilities than you thought possible. The styles and designs in tiles are stunning. You can make a dramatic statement with bold hexagon tile throughout your kitchen and bathroom with pops of color. If you are looking for a more natural, subtle, luxurious look, then you can choose natural stone tiles to complement your rooms without making the tiles the center of attention.  

Adjoining Rooms

Your kitchen and bathroom are probably the busiest rooms in your home. The places connected to them will also serve you well if they are functional spaces that work well with your kitchen or bathroom. If you have a smaller room that is close to your kitchen or bathroom, you might want to turn that space into a laundry room. A dedicated laundry room with a washer and dryer is always handy if it’s close to the bathroom or kitchen. Adding storage for detergent with a place to fold and hang clothes can take care of the clutter in both the bathroom and kitchen. Having the dirty clothes hamper steps away in your laundry room will make the chore of doing laundry much more comfortable and quicker. Another perk of adding your laundry room next to your kitchen or bathroom is that there are already water lines, so it saves money and time during your home improvements.

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