Here at Jericho Home Improvements, we strive for the best. If you want absolutely amazing remodeling results, hire an absolutely amazing remodeling company. April 16, 2021 7:42 am Published by

If You Want Absolutely Amazing Remodeling Results,

Hire An Absolutely Amazing Remodeling Company


Ed & Joanne B. | Kitchen Remodel In Olathe


This client wanted special results because their home is a hub for a large family that visits often. This remodeling project included a bathroom and much of the first floor, but the heart of the remodel was a kitchen transformation.

But before it could start, a problem needed solved. There was a wall they wanted to knock down to give the kitchen an open concept, but they weren’t too sure that was a safe choice. And they were not reassured when they called in other contractors.

One remodeling company was very wishy-washy – they weren’t providing definitive answers as to whether the wall could come down. Even worse was another contractor who came in and gave a fast, glib answer: “Oh yeah, we can knock that wall down” without any kind of thought or analysis.

Jericho Home Improvements does things the right way. We brought in a structural engineer to provide us with his specialized expertise. We got the go ahead, and then transformed this kitchen into exactly what the clients were looking for.

They loved the results – it’s now the perfect gathering place for big family events like holidays and grandkid birthdays!



Highlights Of This Open Concept Kitchen Remodel:

  • Huge, beautiful island serves as a focal point and a place where everyone can gather when entertaining
  • ‘Upside header’ means the header goes up into the attic instead of visibly hanging down into the kitchen area
  • Everything in the transformed kitchen matches and works together for a harmonious aesthetic
  • And look at that beautiful flooring and lighting that ties it all together!



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