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Jericho NEVER Lets Cost Get In The Way Of Your Dream Remodel

The remodeling industry was hit HARD by the pandemic. But at Jericho, we won’t let that take away your dream kitchen, and bathroom remodel. The cost of your Kansas City remodel may have gone up, but there are still many ways for you to afford your new kitchen and bathroom remodel. 

We’ll help you select the ideal financing plan so that you can have your remodel with ZERO financial stress. 

Changing Prices, Unchanging Attitude

Since the pandemic began, Jericho’s prices have increased by about 20%. But our focus on quality has not changed at all. We’re still determined to provide you with the absolute highest quality products and materials. We don’t believe in cutting corners. And we don’t believe in taking the easy way out.

We want your kitchen and bathroom to be crafted from the highest quality materials so it stands the test of time… and also give you a stunning project that you enjoy spending time in everyday. . That’s why, despite the increased cost of products and materials, we still only give you the best of the best. 

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You Don’t Have To Give Up On Your Dreams

You might be reconsidering whether or not NOW is a good time to remodel your kitchen and bathroom. Should you  put your home improvement plans on hold, and wait for things to settle down?

Here’s our answer for you: don’t abandon your vision for your home just yet. If you have good credit, we have financing options that can make your remodel fully affordable. 

You don’t have to table your exciting plans for your home. And you don’t need to undergo financial stress. Jericho has a hassle-free way for you to get the remodel you envision without being bogged down by cost. 

One Goal, 3 Ways To Get There

There are a few financing routes you can take to cover the cost of your kitchen and bathroom remodel:

  1. Finance your entire remodeling project with a low APR: We have plans with low interest rates that can make payments affordable. For instance, payments  on a $50,000 project could be between $700 and $1,000 per month, depending on the length of payment and your credit- worthiness.
  2. Finance a portion of your project with a low APR: You can put as much as half down on the project and pay the rest off using our low-interest finance plan. For example, on a $50,000 project, you might put down $25,000 and finance the other half with payments of $365 to $500 a month. 
  3. Use 18 months 0% interest: Your monthly payments will be higher, but you’ll be able to spread the entire payment over 12 or 18 months. 

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