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Your Cabinets Need To Be More Than ‘Just A Pretty Face’ 

Most homeowners want kitchen cabinets that don’t just look good, but actually ARE high-quality.

If you’re ready to do a kitchen remodel in KC, here’s a quick and handy guide to kitchen cabinets that will be helpful.

KC Homeowners Guide: How To Buy Kitchen Cabinets

Cabinets generally fall into 3 categories. Here’s what to know about each:

Budget Cabinets (Particle Board With Veneer)

Cheap cabinets (sometimes also called “stock cabinets” or “off-the-shelf” cabinets) have one benefit: they cost less.

But if you want cabinets that will last and also improve the value of your kitchen, they are a terrible choice.

Problems with budget cabinets include:

  • Very Few Style Options – The choices in this price range are very limited. Most of these type cabinets use a frameless construction, meaning there is no lip around it, which is a very basic look. Also, accessories and other options are very limited.
  • Not A Precise Fit – These are not even semi-customizable – you get what you get in terms of fit.
  • Lousy Quality Underneath – The biggest problem with these cabinets is that you can’t expect them to last. After all, they’re typically cheap particleboard with a thin veneer on top. As they get used again and again, you can expect them to wear out and look even worse over time.

The bottom line is that budget cabinets should be avoided if you want cabinets that last.

Mid-Range Cabinets

This is actually a fairly broad range of cabinets, ranging from “not much better than budget” to “decent quality and design.”

Here is what is better about mid-range cabinets as opposed to the super cheap ones: there are more stylish options, and often better finishes, trims, moldings, and accessories.

Also, semi-custom means you’ll get a better fit than with a budget option.

Here’s the problem: many of these mid-range cabinets are still particleboard underneath. So while they may look better than the budget, underneath you still will have to be concerned with the durability of these cabinets.

So, mid-range cabinets are closer to what you want, but still not what homeowners who want beautiful and durable cabinets should install.

Premium Cabinets

This is entering the range where you want to be if you want your remodel to be beautiful, durable, and add value to your kitchen remodel in KC.

Premium cabinets are made using different kinds of wood. The box part of the cabinet often has plywood, which is a much better component than fiberboard.

Another benefit is that the styles available are more elegant and the hardware is more appealing. 

These cabinets are semi-custom for a more precise fit. Yes, these cabinets cost a little higher than mid-range cabinets, but you’ll be glad you did once you see them installed.

Fully Custom Cabinets

If you want to buy the very best possible kitchen cabinets that last, fully custom-made-to-order cabinets are the way to go.

Advantages of custom-made:

  • Precise fit and in the shapes and sizes you want – Get cabinets that perfectly your kitchen space; you’ll also control their shape and size.
  • Materials and design touches selected by you – you choose the type of wood or material you want to make your kitchen really stand out, along with any stylish design touches you prefer.
  • Built better – Custom-made cabinets built by hand are better than any assembly line product. If you really want the most durable and the most beautiful option, custom cabinets are the right choice.
  • More storage space – Most kitchens have more available space for storage than is being used. With custom cabinetry, you can use all available space to maximum advantage.

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