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Make Your Shawnee, KS Bathroom
Remodeling Project Pop With
The Perfect Lighting Fixtures

Increase Functionality And Harmony
In Your Bathroom With The
Ideal Light Fixtures

Upgrading your bathroom can make the beginning and end of every day much more rejuvenating. Getting the perfect bathroom remodeling project in Shawnee, KS requires much more than just choosing a new shower or bathtub.

To complete your new space, you’ll need to choose the ideal lighting fixtures. They can make all the difference when it comes to how you interact with the different areas of your bathroom.

While it may seem simple enough, one overhead light really doesn’t cut it. You’ll need different types of lighting in different areas, and the types of fixtures you choose will affect how well they do their jobs.

The Types Of Lighting Used In Bathroom Remodeling

In general, there are three types of lighting used in bathroom remodeling projects. Each one serves a different purpose, with all three coming together to create the ideal finished product.

Ambient Lighting

The primary lighting in your bathroom is called ambient lighting. It is considered the foundational lighting of the room and generally comes from ceiling-mounted light fixtures.

Ambient lighting is essential to setting the mood of your bathroom. When it’s too bright, it can take one of the most relaxing rooms in the house and transform it into an eye-straining space that’s uncomfortable to be in.

Task Lighting

Your morning activities, like shaving and applying makeup, are a lot easier when you have the right amount of light. This is provided by task lighting. It’s most commonly featured around the vanity to ensure you have the best lighting when performing everyday tasks.

Accent Lighting

The purpose of accent lighting is to create a sense of depth and dimension. It’s used to draw the eye to any special features or architecture you’ve included in your bathroom remodeling project.

How To Get The Most From Your Light Fixtures

As you select the ideal light fixtures, you’ll need to consider a few of your bathroom features. The effect of certain fixtures will be different depending on the size and layout of the space.

These important factors will determine the type of lighting you need and how many individual fixtures will be required. 

For example, if you have a small bathroom, you may need one overhead light fixture to cover the entire space. On the other hand, a larger room may require several different types of fixtures to brighten your bathroom.

Layering lighting is also a great way to ensure all three types work well together. The best way to do this is by starting with your ambient lighting. Ensure the entire room is lit, preventing safety hazards.

Next, focus on your task lighting. By adding lights above or around your vanity, you’ll reduce shadows, making many tasks significantly easier.

Finally, decide which features you want to accent. Add small wall fixtures or LED strips to these areas to bring them into focus. As you layer your lighting, you will create the ideal welcoming atmosphere that makes everyone feel at home.

Choosing The Best Light Fixtures For
Your Bathroom Remodeling Project

One of the most important steps in choosing your bathroom lighting is the fixtures themselves. Overall, the lighting fixtures won’t account for very much of your bathroom remodeling budget, so it’s important to make sure you get the biggest bang for your buck.

Don’t just focus on saving money when you choose your options – select something that will provide the cohesiveness and functionality you need to bring your entire bathroom remodel together.

The first consideration is the size of the fixtures. It should be proportionate to the size of the bathroom. If they’re too large, they will easily take over the entire space. On the other hand, those that are too small may not provide enough light while looking out of place.

Your light fixtures should also complement the rest of your bathroom. Choose finishes that match your fixtures. Additionally, the design style should align with your home.

To save money on your purchase, choose lights that offer excellent energy efficiency. You’ll enjoy lower monthly energy bills and have the opportunity to decrease your carbon footprint – it’s the best of both worlds.

Choose A Bathroom Remodeling Company
With Expert Design Services

When choosing a Kansas City Metro bathroom remodeling company, make sure you find one that offers professional design services. This will help you find the ideal lighting fixtures for your project that complement the rest of the space’s style and design.

Instead of the standard contractor who uses the pencil and paper approach, let the experts at Jericho Home Improvements walk you through the process. Our designers will listen to your vision and make it come to life before your eyes with an expert design plan for your new bathroom.

When you’re ready to embark on a bathroom remodeling journey for your Shawnee, KS home, turn to the pros at Jericho Home Improvements. Contact us today for your free consultation.