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Everyone wants stunning bathroom remodeling results, but what’s the best way to get a bathroom that looks elegant and beautiful?

And what if you would like to create that bathroom without breaking the bank?

The good news is there are things you can do to get a new bathroom that feels luxurious while still finding ways to meet your budget.

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Here Are 6 Tips For Creating A Luxury Bathroom On A Budget

Work With A Professional Designer

This first tip is the most important one. A good, experienced designer can be your wise guide through the maze of choices you’ll be making as you bring your vision of a new bathroom to life.

As you talk through the costs of the remodel, a good designer consultant can give you options and pricing and help you make decisions that create luxury without straying far from your budget. Always look for a company that does your design work using pro-level software, not a rough sketch on paper.

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Little Touches Make A Big Difference… Without Adding A Ton To Costs

As you think about your bathroom remodeling project, consider how much the little touches add to the feeling of elegance that makes a bathroom stand out.

For example, plumbing finishes (faucet handles, etc.) can add distinction to your bathroom. With the right guidance, you can find finishes that look beautiful and unique, without adding significantly to the costs.

Anytime you have to make decisions on small touches for your bathroom remodel, consider going in a unique direction. The more distinctive you can make it, the more your bathroom will feel luxurious.

Add Stylish Decorative Features

Here’s a very easy way to make your bathroom look more luxurious on a budget: shop with care for all the little decorative touches you add after your remodel is completed.

For everything from soap dishes to shower curtains, from throw rugs to an accent piece on a shelf, always look for something a little outside the ordinary. Instead of shopping at a Big Box store, go online and find things that will make your bathroom special.

It’s amazing how much the right decorative touches can create a feeling of indulgence and extravagance in your new bathroom.

The Right Lighting Is Key

Most homeowners underestimate the importance of the right lighting in a bathroom. This is another area where it is crucial to work with a professional Kansas City bathroom remodeling company that offers design services. (We include pro design for free at your very first consultation).

An experienced designer will be able to create lighting that creates a mood of elegance and sophistication for your remodel.

Tiles That Look Different

If you’re going to be adding new tile to your bathroom, why not do something a little different, without necessarily upgrading the price?

For example, what if you chose tiles that were bigger than average? Or took some time with your design consultant to find a unique pattern? This can make a difference in how your bathroom appears without busting your budget.

Add Some Stone

We know what you’re thinking… “stone is expensive!” It’s true that stone tiles, tubs, sinks, and more are higher ticket items. But stone adds a real luxurious tone to your bathroom.

So consider adding some stone without going whole hog with it. Even a stone sink can be a big upgrade in appearance.

Next Step?

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