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How To Create A Safer Shower Or Bathtub Area In Your Kansas City Home

A Trusted Bathroom Contractor Can Give You Safe Bathroom Solutions

Bathrooms are some of the most dangerous rooms in our Kansas City homes. Since showers and bathtubs are prone to slippery floors and surfaces, moisture build-up, and condensation, homeowners are much more susceptible to slips and falls, often making them a safety hazard.

Water and moisture aren’t the only sources of falls in wet areas, though – bathtubs and showers often become cluttered with excess products and appliances. Due to poor bathroom storage, items often get scattered around in the shower or tub, creating tripping risks for those who dare enter.

Fortunately, creating a safe and secure bathtub or shower space is relatively simple, and there are many efficient and affordable solutions.

Non-Slip Surfaces 

Some bathtub and shower manufacturers make non-slip surface products – sometimes, the non-slip application is added during the refinishing project, and sometimes it’s an added coating afterward. Both effectively provide better floor gripping when sitting or standing in your shower or bathtub.

It’s easy to fall victim to a slippery shower floor, leading to severe breaks and bruises. Non-slip surfaces are some of the best ways to make your shower or bathtub safe from slips and falls. Plus, if your non-slip coating is applied correctly, it will give you years of safety.

There’s no need to wear shower shoes anymore or enter your shower with the weariness of entering a prison cell. Showering and bathing should be a relaxing experience, so gain back your sense of trust with non-slip surfaces.

Grab Bars 

Grab bars and handrails are some of the most straightforward additions that homeowners can make to create a safer shower and bathtub. The assurance grab bars provide is entirely worth any added expense, as they give you confidence in solo showering once again.

Whether you use the grab bars or not, it’s comforting to know they are there in case of a minor slip, preventing you from a complete fall. Plus, grab bars are excellent sources to help pull you back up without needing additional assistance if you do fall.

The best part of grab bars is their versatility, as they’re available in every size and can be adjusted specifically for you. Your grab bar can be installed at whatever angle you find the most useful, as well. They’re also available in a variety of materials, styles, and colors, ensuring you won’t lose the beauty of your bathroom.

Walk-In Tubs 

When your physical needs change, walk-in tubs provide the perfect solution. Many bathroom falls stem from attempting to get in or out of the bathtub. Installing a walk-in tub eliminates this possibility, giving you the safety benefits of a walk-in shower with the comfort and relaxation of a bathtub.

Walk-in tubs empower those with specific physical requirements to continue living independently without needing day-to-day hygiene assistance. Being able to govern your own body gives you an immense amount of power and builds confidence.

Plus, walk-in tubs are available in various sizes, colors, and materials, allowing you to find the perfect tub for your bathroom. With additions like massage jets, hand-held shower heads, and contoured seating, a personalized walk-in tub will keep your bathroom looking stunning and functional.

Handicap Accessible Zero-Entry Showers 

Consider installing a new handicap-accessible shower when a walk-in tub isn’t in the cards. There are incredible safety benefits to handicap-accessible showers, which can mean the difference between living on your own or living with assisted care.

Zero-entry showers contain low beveled thresholds, making them easy to roll wheelchairs in and out. Plus, many are oversized, ensuring a wheelchair can easily fit inside with room for mobility. Custom features often include slide bars, grab bars, foldable shower seats, non-slip flooring, weighted curtains, and left or right valves.

Proper Bathtub Or Shower Storage 

Instead of throwing your shampoo and conditioner bottles on the floor or placing them on the edge of your bathtub, consider installing actual storage in your shower or bathtub. Built-in shelves or add-in niches help promote better organization and keep those bottles from being tripping hazards.

If the threat of a slippery floor isn’t enough, dodging body wash bottles adds an even more significant threat. When your shower products are in their right place and off the ground, you’re free to move around your tub or shower without the risk of a tumble.

Our Kansas City Bathroom Remodeling Company Wants To Help Make Your Shower Or Bathtub Safe

At Jericho Home Improvements, we’re committed to providing our Kansas City customers safe bathrooms with easy accessibility. We even specialize in easy access bathrooms and have several accessories and products to help keep you safe and comfortable.

As an award-winning company, we’ve been trusted to provide quality products, installation, and service you can count on. Our great team of employees listens to your needs and cares about your experience, ensuring you’re left with a functional and gorgeous bathroom.

Contact us today for a free shower or bathtub remodel quote, or call us at (913) 308-0111 to get started.

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