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The Right Kansas City Kitchen Remodeler Can Give It A Complete Makeover 

Homeowners who have an old, dated kitchen know they want a more modern look. But what exactly defines a modern look for a kitchen… and how do you get it?

A modern kitchen can best be defined as a sleek and simple style that highlights the natural features of each element of the kitchen without over-decorating or using too much color.

Let’s take a look at how some of the most common elements of a kitchen can be created in a modern style and tone.

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Elements That Create A Modern Look For Your Kitchen

Modern Cabinets

Many modern kitchens showcase cabinets with flat panels and no handles or other hardware. They may be known as flat-panel or slab-door cabinets. Some other popular choices are Shaker cabinets. If the cabinets do have handles, they are usually C-channel hardware, tubular pulls, or flat linear pulls. Many of these options can create more horizontal lines that emphasize the modernity of the room.

Modern kitchens usually use full overlay cabinets, meaning the cabinet doors are not inset. They often have a more appealing look and ensure the same spacing between doors across all of the cabinets. 

Modern Simplicity

A modern kitchen is often extremely simple. There is often a lack of decoration, and the colors are often very neutral. Common colors include black, white, gray, brown, or anything muted. Patterns and textures are often limited. Countertops may be a single color. And glass may also be used as one of the featured materials in the room.

However, modern kitchens can get some subtle style from the patterns in natural materials, such as horizontal wood graining or some light marble countertops.

Horizontal Lines

Modern kitchens use a lot of modern lines versus vertical ones. These can be seen in the way cabinets are arranged, with rows of drawers or wide doors. The grain of the wood can also be cut horizontally rather than vertically like most traditional kitchens.

Large islands and tables can also create horizontal lines in a modern kitchen. The tiles in a backsplash can also be stacked horizontally. 


When designing a modern kitchen, each piece should be carefully chosen to be consistent throughout the whole room. 

Pieces such as stools or chairs, light fixtures, hardware, or appliances should have similar characteristics (including color, shape, material, etc.). And the elements should all display a modern style to keep in line with the overall feel of the kitchen.

Industrial Elements

Industrial designs and elements are becoming increasingly popular in modern kitchens. These could be displayed by using concrete as countertops, heavy-duty stainless-steel appliances, or brighter accent colors such as red or yellow.

You can also introduce technology into the mix by using appliances that have touch screens or can be controlled with a smartphone. Finding gadgets that appear simple and match the overall décor of the room is a great way to add modernity to any kitchen.

Putting It All Together

Using all of these elements, a kitchen remodeling contractor can install a modern kitchen that is truly stunning. We’re the biggest and best Kansas City kitchen remodeler and we’d be happy to talk with you about your project. You can go here to get a free consultation and quote: Contact Us.

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