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You put a lot of love and care into your kitchen countertops. They’re essential to your kitchen, after all. It’s where you prep your food, where your kids might do homework, and even the space you use for extra storage. So you want your countertops to stay in shape for years to come. But if you’re not careful, you might unknowingly wear down your kitchen countertops. In today’s blog, we’ll break down how NOT to ruin your kitchen countertops.

Use Cutting Boards

Juice from meat and produce, scratches from knives, potential cuts and scrapes can all wreak havoc on your kitchen countertops. That’s why it’s important to use cutting boards when prepping your food. Cutting boards are made to withstand the juice from produce, as well as small scrapes while you slice through tomatoes, cucumbers, or raw chicken. Cutting boards can also easily be washed and reused, adding a layer of protection to your kitchen countertops.

Watch Out for Spills

Depending on the material of your kitchen countertops, spills could seep in and stain them, or even cause swelling or rot — especially in the case of butcher’s block countertops. Spills are inevitable in the kitchen, especially in the case of kitchen counters. The important thing is to wipe them up right away, in order to prevent further damage.

Keep Hot Objects Off the Countertop

It might be tempting to move a pot directly from the stove onto the countertop so that it can cool off. While that might benefit your hot pot or pan, it’s torture for your kitchen countertops…and it can leave burn marks. Instead, move pots and pans to another, inactive burner to cool off before placing them in the sink or in the dishwasher. Similarly, try to keep other hot surfaces off your countertops.

Be Careful of Heavy Objects

Before placing heavy objects on the countertop, make sure they’re not on an unsupported edge. This can cause cracks and even full breaks in the countertop surface. In general, avoid placing too much weight on the kitchen countertops if you can help it. If you do so, consider placing it in the center of the counter or an otherwise firmly supported place.

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