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You’ve hired a contractor, but you’re not sure about the next step in the renovation process. Communicating with your bathroom remodeler in Lawrence, MO can mean the difference between getting your dream shower quickly and waiting for weeks without a toilet. Here are a few things you can do to make your life—and your contractor’s—easier.

Envision What You Want

This is the most fun part of the process. A custom remodel job allows you to get the exact design style and amenities you want. If possible, you should draw out your ideas so you have a more specific idea of what you’re after. Look at the choices available and pick out a first option and a few backups. You may love one possibility only to discover it won’t work in your project. Having multiple ideas allows your contractor to move forward faster.

Create a Schedule

Decide what you want your timeline to be. While it can be difficult to plan exact details, never give your bathroom remodeler in Lawrence, MO unlimited time to complete a project. It makes planning harder for your contractors and can make the remodel take longer. Consider how much disruption this remodel will cause on your household. Is this the only bathroom? Will work on this bathroom make mornings at your home impossible? Discuss everything with your household and create a realistic schedule.

Secure Blueprints and Building Permits

Building permits may seem like unnecessary red tape but construction codes are there for your protection. A good contractor understands local building codes and is willing to get the necessary permits. Communicate whether you or your contractor will secure the necessary permits and blueprints.

Hiring a bathroom remodeler in Lawrence, MO should be a rewarding experience. Taking an outdated 80s bathroom and bringing it into this century makes your daily life more enjoyable. Your home will be more beautiful, energy efficient, and have a higher value if you decide to sell. If you perform these simple steps before a remodel, you’ll have your custom bathroom in no time.