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4 Ways To Prepare For Bathroom
Remodeling In Blue Springs, MO

Plan Ahead So The Path To Your
Dream Bathroom Is A Breeze

If bathroom remodeling in Blue Springs, MO, is on the horizon, it’s vital to be prepared.

A large home project like bathroom remodeling can be stressful. For a start, it’s a major investment in your home. On top of that, there are so many decisions to make, from picking a contractor to choosing materials.

Jericho Home Improvements’ master craftsmen complete hundreds of bathroom remodeling projects every year in the Kansas City Area. We know bathroom remodeling inside and out, so we definitely know the best ways to prepare.

Here are four ways to prepare so your bathroom remodel runs smoothly.

1: Prepare For Bathroom Remodeling In Blue Springs, MO
With A Professional Design Consultation

The number one way to prepare for a bathroom remodel? Consult the experts.

At Jericho Home Improvements, we offer a complimentary professional design consultation and quote for every bathroom remodel.

A bathroom remodeling consultation kickstarts the entire remodel process. You’ll meet with experienced designers who will get to know your needs and preferences.

Come Up With Your Ideal Changes

Start off the remodeling process by understanding exactly what you hope to accomplish.

During a consultation, our designers will help you decide what your dream bathroom looks like. They’ll help you visualize your ideal results and prioritize the changes you hope to make.

Think about who will be using the bathroom. Are you remodeling a primary bathroom so it’s more practical for the whole family? Are you trying to add some luxury to a guest bathroom?

Once you’ve set some goals, consider what elements you want to incorporate into your bathroom. The options are endless. You could install custom vanities and cabinets, add some grab bars, or even invest in a custom spa shower.

Establish With A Design Style

Settling on a design style brings plans for a bathroom remodel together cohesively.

Our professional designers have plenty of experience helping homeowners come up with a design roadmap that ties the bathroom together.

Maybe you want to go with a more traditional style, or maybe you want your bathroom to look modern. Regardless of the design style you choose, having something in mind will help guide decisions on materials, colors, and everything else.

Determine A Budget

During a consultation with Jericho Home Improvements, our team will provide a free quote that accurately reflects your individual project.

Understanding your budget early on in the design process will help you and your contractor achieve perfect results. You’ll be able to plan ahead and choose fixtures and materials that fit your style and your budget.

2: Hire Experience Bathroom Remodeling Contractors
In The Kansas City Area

Choosing the right bathroom remodeling contractor might be the most important decision you make during the entire project.

It’s absolutely crucial to find a contractor that puts YOU and your results first. Your contractor can make or break your remodel.

How do you choose the right contractor for bathroom remodeling in Blue Springs, MO?

Look At Reviews And Past Results

Learn about a contractor by hearing from past customers.

Reviews are a fantastic resource for determining whether a home improvement company is generally respected. If most reviews are positive, there’s a good chance you’ll have a positive experience, too.

Considering a specific contractor? Ask to see past results. Every contractor should be able to provide a project gallery or case studies that represent the type of work they do.

Check Out Credentials

Ensure any contractor you’re considering has their licenses and certifications in order.

Remodeling contractors in Blue Springs, MO, don’t usually need a state license. However, many respected companies have accreditations or certifications in the home improvement industry.

Get A Quote

Do you think a specific contractor might be a good fit?

It’s time to get a quote.

We provide a free professional design consultation and quote. That way, we’re able to give you a quote that is personalized for your project.

Ask about any warranties, specials, and guarantees that a contractor offers on their work, too. You might get better long-term value from a company with workmanship guarantees than one without.

Be sure to understand the timeline for your project. Some companies might be booked out for months, and others might be able to get started right away.

3: Understand The Bathroom Remodeling Process

Once you’ve chosen a remodeling contractor, ask what the process and timeline will look like.

It’s helpful to have a general feel for when each aspect of the project will occur, such as demolition, plumbing and electrical work, and major installations. Ask if there will be a dumpster on-site or if you’ll need to clear any room for materials.

Ask about how the remodeling team will keep other spaces of your house clean and dust-free.

Know who to ask if any questions come up during the remodeling process.

Our master craftsmen will walk you through the process ahead of time and make sure all of your questions get answered. Understanding what the remodeling process involves will ensure you know what to expect.

4: Come Up With A Plan For Bathing And Getting Ready
During The Bathroom Remodeling Process

Remodeling your main bathroom? Make sure you have a plan for a backup during the remodel.

Especially if multiple people need to use the bathroom, it can be difficult to have a main bathroom shut down. Make a plan for when people will use the bathroom.

Decide where you’ll store anything that is usually kept in the bathroom being remodeled. It can be useful to start consolidating toiletries ahead of time.

Plan ahead for a stress-free bathroom remodel in the Kansas City Metro. Get started by contacting Jericho Home Remodeling to schedule your free consultation today.