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Enjoy Smooth Kitchen Counters For Years To Come By Learning How To Care For Granite Countertops

For years, granite countertops have been among the favorite kitchen countertops available when it comes to remodeling projects. They have a smooth texture and the classic beauty of real stone. Plus, they’re easy to clean and sure to raise your home value because they’re such a hot commodity.

But the fact that granite countertops might be lower maintenance than other surfaces does not mean that they require no maintenance at all. In fact, in today’s blog we’ll discuss how to take proper care of your granite countertops.

Everyday Granite Countertop Cleaning

The first thing you need to know when it comes to granite countertop maintenance — or any maintenance — is the day-to-day tasks. While your counter may not need to be cleaned every day, depending on how often you use it, there are certain cleaning tasks that you’ll need to take care of regularly as opposed to more occasional projects like sealing the granite countertop. Here are a few things you’ll want to keep in mind.

Wipe Up Spills Right Away

Most granite countertops are sealed, so they have some protection against spills. But that doesn’t mean you should just leave them to deal with at a later time. Whether it’s a little water, a soda, or soup that spilled on the counter, you want to make sure to wipe it up and dry the area right away in order to keep your counter in shape for years to come.

Clean Regularly

In addition, you want to clean every day that you use your countertop. Even if it looks nice on the surface after prepping food, give it a nice wipe down in order to ensure that you’re not missing anything. This may not be every day, if you cook infrequently, but every day you use the kitchen, you should take some time to clean the countertop.
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Use Granite Safe Cleaning Products

Not all cleaning products are the right products for your granite countertops. For instance, acidic cleaning products can wear down the seal on your countertop. Rough sponges can also begin to wear down the countertop’s protection. A soft cloth is preferable. On the other hand, dish soap might not catch everything. Look for specific granite countertop cleaners that can clean your counter thoroughly.

Sealing Granite Countertops

Beyond everyday care, most granite countertops are also sealed. This is what gives them the smooth, glossy finish instead of a rough-hewn surface. It also helps to reduce the intake of water and moisture so that the counters are less damaged. While this will help for some time, it will eventually begin to wear down, which means you may need to seal it again.

What Kind of Countertop Seal To Use

There are a number of granite countertop sealants that you can use. Just like with wood, one option is a water-based sealant. Once applied, the water evaporates and causes the polymer to move closer together and become a firmer seal. This is an excellent eco-friendly option, though many homeowners prefer the effectiveness of solvent-based sealants. Regardless of the type you use, make sure to look for “fluorocarbon aliphatic resin” in the ingredients, as this is the main ingredient that will help to hold a firm barrier against moistures.

How Often Should You Seal Granite Countertops?

This depends on the type of sealant you use. If you find one with fluorocarbon aliphatic resin, it could last up to ten years without needing to be resealed. If you find a cheap granite countertop sealant that uses silicon, for instance, you may find yourself sealing the granite countertops again next year or in a couple of years. While sealants containing fluorocarbon aliphatic resin tend to be a little more expensive, the payoff is that they last longer, saving you more money in the long run.

The truth is a skilled remodeling contractor will be able to give you a recommendation when you have your granite countertops installed as far as sealants to use when the time comes. Interested in a kitchen or bathroom remodel with beautiful granite countertops for your home? Contact Jericho Home Improvements today to learn more or schedule a free estimate.

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