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Want To Gamble With Your Kansas City Home Remodel? We Didn’t Think So!

How Using Subcontractors Is
Like Playing Poker

It’s a competitive world out there when it comes to Kansas City kitchen and bath remodelers. One is always trying to outbid the next.
And usually, the lowest bidder wins.

But how can other contractors afford to bid so low?

They hire subcontractors – they’re cheaper, don’t eat up the company’s resources, and are available in droves.

They may sound great for home improvement companies but are typically a losing hand for homeowners. Not only do subcontractors offer little accountability, but they can cost their clients a fortune in losses.

At Jericho Home Improvements, we don’t need to rely on our poker face. We know we have the winning hand – we NEVER hire subcontractors and only send W-2, certified, and verified employees to your home.

We wouldn’t even dream about jeopardizing you or your home by banking on an unknown and unvetted stranger.

That’s not the kind of adrenaline rush we like!

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Unvetted Strangers In Your Home?
No Thanks!

We’ve all been through them, for one reason or another – the dreaded background check. But they’re necessary to ensure an employee’s trust, honesty, and integrity.

However, when bath and kitchen remodeling companies hire subcontractors, they often forgo the background check for the sake of saving time and money. They just want to get that subcontractor on the job as quickly as possible.

But this puts your project and your own personal safety at risk. We don’t want to jump to conclusions, but your new friendly subcontractor could really be an ex-convict, a fugitive on the run, or worse yet, bigfoot in disguise!

Ok, those might be extreme examples, but homeowners deserve to know who is working on their kitchen renovation.

At Jericho, we perform background checks on all of our employees to ensure they meet our high standard of integrity. We believe background checks to establish honest character in a person are key because we’d trust nothing less in your home!

We Don’t Play The Blame Game –
Hot Potato Is For Kids

Kids’ games can certainly be fun, but not when it comes to your kitchen remodel. Like Hot Potato, subcontractors love tossing the heat onto someone else.

Did the wrong granite countertop get shipped? Must have been someone else’s fault!

Did the wrong size cabinets get delivered? Don’t look at me!

Is your new kitchen floor buckling? I’m not the one that installed it!

Subcontractors often spin themselves and their customers in circles by denying accountability and passing the blame onto someone else, without ever getting to the root of the problem.

When you work with full-time employees like ours, you never get left dizzy or burned. After all, we don’t have to point fingers because we work in-house, meaning we know exactly who did what.

Turns out, the ability to hold ourselves accountable also serves as excellent quality control! And when you believe in what you’re doing, you want to do better!

“Bonded” And “Insured” – Two Words NOT
In A Subcontractors’ Vocabulary

Along with your money, subcontractors also gamble with your peace of mind. And if you have to gamble with that, you lose both ways.

Ensuring that the people working on your home are bonded and insured is vital. Why? Because those two essential elements ensure you are never held responsible if an accident occurs on your property or the installation process were to go awry.

And, you guessed it! Most subcontractors are NOT bonded and insured. Following those professional protocols costs money and time, both of which subcontractors don’t want to lose.

At Jericho, we bond and insure our employees, which allows you to sit back and relax. Not only do we hold ourselves accountable for mistakes, but we have the insurance to back us up if any larger incident were to take place.

Worrying about losing your life savings on your bathroom remodel or from being sued should be the furthest thing from your mind! Jericho has you fully covered.

At Jericho Home Improvements, Our Vetted Kansas City
Employees Make For A Winning Hand

At Jericho, we know when to hold ‘em and when to fold ‘em. When you hire actual full-time employees as we do, we feel confident in who works on your Kansas City bathroom remodel.

You deserve ease and peace of mind, and that’s exactly what we give you!

Many manufacturer warranties depend on the installation, so ensuring correct workmanship is vital!

Unfortunately, most subcontractors are not even certified by the manufacturer to install their products, meaning your warranty is void from day one.

Because we give you proper installation through our extensive training, you can rest easy knowing your manufacturer warranty is valid if need be.

Don’t gamble with your kitchen or bath remodel by entrusting it to subcontractors. When you’re ready to work with accountable, trained, and vetted professionals, contact Jericho Home Improvements for a free kitchen or bath remodel quote.