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Tips If You Are Considering A New Kitchen Island Sink For Your Kansas City Remodeling Project

Having an extra sink in your kitchen island sounds like a great idea. The more the sinks the better, right? Not necessarily. For Kansas City homeowners who are trying to decide whether to add an extra island sink, there are some important factors to consider.  

Consider Your “Kitchen Work Triangle.”   

During meal prep and clean up, we move from the refrigerator to the stove to the sink. Experts call that the “workflow triangle.” So it only makes sense to configure those three elements close (but not too close) to one other.

Sometimes, however, it’s geometrically impossible to achieve a true triangle — like in single-wall kitchens. 

This is where an island sink can come in handy. 

In a single-wall configuration or for larger kitchens, adding an extra island sink can bring your kitchen remodeling project back into triangle workflow harmony – which means you get more done with less time and less effort. To learn if your kitchen space would be a good candidate for an island kitchen sink, schedule a free in-home professional design consultation today.

Think About How Your Kitchen Island Will Actually Be Used?

Food prep involves washing, peeling, chopping and wiping down surfaces. Whew! If you plan on cooking a lot, having an extra sink in the island can be a smart choice. Especially if you would also like to keep space around your main sink free for other uses. 

If cooking is not your thing, you may decide you would prefer the extra counter space that a sink would take up for quick breakfasts, lunches or informal homework sessions. The idea is to analyze and prioritize how an island sink would enhance or hinder your lifestyle based on your day-to-day needs and priorities.  

Changing Your Point-Of-View 

Instead of staring at a kitchen wall or outside the kitchen window, island sinks can change your whole perspective on life. 

Island sinks can give you the option to look out onto the other main areas of your home. For example, some Kansas City homeowners love being able to interact and engage with family during meal prep or clean up. Others like being able to socialize with party guests as they arrive – even as meal prep is going on. Others like being able to keep an eye on the kids in the family room – where the action is – as they play games or socialize with their friends. Island sinks come with a lot of advantages if your floor plan allows it. Contact us today to see if a kitchen island sink makes sense for the layout of your home. 

The Mess Factor

One of the drawbacks of an island sink is that – odds are – the dirty dishes will be more visible from the living and/or family rooms. If you are an empty-nester and your kids have flown the coop, this might not be an issue. 

But if you have a busy household – with lots of family members – you can count on dishes getting stacked in the sink. 

Our design experts have you covered.  We can install beautiful options like a raised bar seating area (which forms a better visual barrier between the living room and the dirty dishes).  And/or install a double drawer dishwasher so dishes get rinsed and placed in the dishwasher instead placed in the sink.   

The thing to remember is – even though an island sink can mean more mess – you do have options based on your needs and situation. 

Explore Your Options

Learn more about whether or not to install an island sink by getting a free in-home professional design consultation and quote. Our design experts can over the pros and cons with you until you feel confident you’ve made the right choice. We’re the biggest and best kitchen remodeling company in Kansas City so we’d be happy to talk with you about your project. Contact us today.

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