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Is A Kitchen Island Sink Right For You During
Kitchen Remodeling In Lee’s Summit, MO?

Get An Efficient Kitchen Designed By The Experts

Adding a kitchen island sink during kitchen remodeling in Lee’s Summit, MO can be the perfect way to make the most of your space. 

Imagine having an open, dedicated workspace for food prep – that doubles as the perfect gathering place for guests. A kitchen island sink takes your island to the next level. 

As the top kitchen remodeler in the Kansas City Metro, we’ve seen it all. We know how practical a kitchen island sink can be. Our professional designers know exactly how to work a sink into your kitchen island to maximize the flow of your kitchen. 

Is a kitchen island sink right for your kitchen remodeling project? 

Pros Of Adding A Kitchen Island Sink During
Kitchen Remodeling In Lee’s Summit, MO

When you start kitchen remodeling, the goal is usually to make a more open and inviting space. 

A kitchen island sink can be the perfect addition to your kitchen. 

Additional Workspace

An island on its own adds counter space to your kitchen.

An island with a sink? That’s an efficient workspace for you. 

Ever started cooking and noticed that a mountain of dishes began to pile up? Maybe you needed to wash some vegetables and started tripping over your feet, getting back and forth to the sink. 

When you install a sink in your kitchen island, all of your prep work can be done right there. No more back and forth, and no more mountain of dishes. 

Better Kitchen Flow

Sometimes, one sink just doesn’t cut it. 

If you do a lot of cooking, a kitchen island sink could improve the flow of your kitchen. 

Our team of designers starts every kitchen remodel in the Kansas City Area by getting to know you. We’ll figure out what you need for your kitchen. We’ll think about how you move around your kitchen and what would be the most effective layout. 

A kitchen with great flow makes it easy to multi-task and get things done. Sometimes, a kitchen island sink is all it takes. 

Great For Entertaining

Love to entertain guests? 

If you’ve ever thrown a dinner party, you’ve probably noticed it can get awkward to finish up prep work with guests standing around. 

When you install a kitchen island sink, it’s easy to finish up last-minute tasks while your guests sit at the island and visit. 

An island becomes an automatic gathering space in your kitchen. Installing a sink makes it even easier to entertain. 

Cons Of Adding A Kitchen Island Sink During
Kitchen Remodeling In Lee’s Summit, MO

We’re all for a kitchen island sink when the time is right – but our main goal is getting you the kitchen that is right for YOU. 

A kitchen island sink isn’t right for everyone. There are a few drawbacks to consider, too. 

Installation Process

Installing a kitchen island sink can take a little extra work. The installation process includes figuring out plumbing and other logistics. 

Depending on the layout of your existing plumbing, installing another sink can be a challenge. We’re problem-solvers to the core, and a little challenge is our favorite activity. 

However, you might decide the extra installation hassle isn’t worth it – and that’s just fine. Sometimes, a kitchen refinish is all your space needs. 

Less Visual Open Space

Sometimes, a kitchen island sink doesn’t fit your kitchen remodeling style. 

If you love clean lines in your kitchen, you might not want a sink and the associated clutter breaking up your island. 

There are a variety of sink options to fit your style. If you’re on the fence due to style reasons, be sure to check out some minimalistic sinks – or chat with one of our designers

Expert Kitchen Remodeling In Lee’s Summit, MO

The kitchen is the heart of your home – it’s important to have a kitchen remodeling team that you trust. 

At Jericho Home Improvements, we get the details right. Our team is meticulous, and that matters when you’re adding another sink. 

Our team is always responsive and will help you decide if an island sink will be right for your needs. Contact us for a free estimate today. 

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