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Is Leaking A Concern For Olathe, KS,
Homes With Walk-In Bathtubs?

Everything You Need To Know About Your Walk-In Tub
Bathroom Remodel & The Potential For Leaks

When mobility becomes an issue for loved ones in your Olathe, KS, home, getting a walk-in tub installed as part of your bathroom remodeling project is a top consideration. These tubs offer increased accessibility and decreased risk of falls, giving you the peace of mind of knowing the people you care about are safe.

However, you may have concerns about leaks based on the design of a walk-in tub. After all, it comes with a door, so how leak-proof is it? You might be surprised to know that your bathroom will be well-protected from water damage because of several different features.

We’ll explain how walk-in tubs are designed to keep water inside, prevent leaks, and keep your bathroom as dry as a standard tub.

You Must Be Inside A Walk-In Bathtub To Use It

Unlike a standard bathtub, a walk-in tub requires you to be inside it with the door shut. Once the tub starts filling, the water pressure pushes against the door, holding it shut. It cannot be opened once it starts filling. Additionally, it must be fully drained before the door can be opened. This design prevents user error that could cause severe water damage.

Additional concerns with this setup are the possibility of being scorched by hot water and or getting cold while the walk-in tub is draining. However, walk-in tubs are specifically designed with anti-scald valves to prevent excessively hot water from entering the tub at any time.

You can avoid chilling by actively towel drying as the tub drains. Alternatively, you can opt for a fast-drain bathtub model that will have you out in a significantly reduced amount of time.

A Walk-In Tub’s Door Has A Tight Seal

A fantastic feature of walk-in bathtubs is the airtight seal on the doors. Once in the tub, there is a handle the user turns to engage this seal. Once that’s done, there is no chance water will escape through the door. Another great thing about this feature? The handle is easy to operate, even if you have issues with your grip.

Because the quality of this seal is so important, many companies will offer a warranty on it. If the manufacturer is reliable and believes in their products, they’ll want to demonstrate that with a solid guarantee for their customers. This is a good indication that you’ll be making a solid investment in your walk-in bathtub.

Choose A High-Quality Walk-In Tub To
Guarantee You Won’t Have Leaks

When you plan your bathroom remodeling project in Olathe, you can’t choose just ANY walk-in bathtub. While all walk-in tub manufacturers claim their products are leak-proof, some brands are more cheaply made than others.

That’s why it’s vital to choose a bathroom remodeler that only uses premium materials for all its installations. These materials must be produced by proven manufacturers with a reputation for delivering excellence with everything they create.

This will ensure you receive a tub built to last with a premium guarantee. You’ll have peace of mind knowing it’s backed by the manufacturer in the event that the unexpected does happen.

Rely On A Bathroom Remodeler That
Delivers Precision Workmanship

It’s not enough to choose the best walk-in bathtub when remodeling your bathroom – you must ensure the company you choose for the project is well-equipped for the installation. If they do not complete it correctly, your tub will not perform well for very long, if at all.

When evaluating the different Kansas City area bathroom remodeling companies, it’s important to distinguish between the ones that rely on subcontractors and those that use their own employees.

Subcontractors cannot be held to a higher standard because they don’t work for the company. This means anything can happen during your installation. This is why you want a company like Jericho Home Improvements that uses its own employees and can guarantee the quality of their workmanship. Because of this, we can offer our customers the ultimate level of protection – our Money Back Guarantee.

When You’re Ready To Complete A Bathroom Remodeling
Project In Olathe, KS, Trust Jericho Home Improvements

Getting the perfect bathroom remodel in Olathe, KS, depends on hiring the right team for the job. Here at Jericho Home Improvements, we’re meticulous in our hiring process to ensure we only invite the best installers to join our team.

Instead of having a team of low-quality subcontractors who aren’t invested in delivering quality work to complete your remodel, you’ll have a team of Master Installers on the job. This guarantees you’ll receive exceptional results, no matter how complex your project is.

Call Jericho Home Improvements today at (913) 303-8544 to schedule a free in-home design consultation.

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