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Completely remodeling your kitchen is a huge project that can yield amazing results, but often comes with a hefty price tag. Depending on your kitchen’s needs, you may be able to achieve the effect you want more quickly and economically than you imagined with kitchen refinishing . A good kitchen remodeler in Lawrence, MO will give you options for remodeling or refinishing your kitchen based on your needs and budget.

What Can a Kitchen Refinish Do?

If your issues with your kitchen are mainly cosmetic, a kitchen refinish can update and upgrade your surfaces and give you an entirely new look. Refinishing your kitchen can include any of the following upgrades:

  • Replacing countertops with strong and beautiful materials such as quartz, marble, and granite
  • Changing cabinet exteriors by refinishing or replacing cabinet doors while keeping the cabinet boxes in place
  • Adding a tile backsplash to protect your walls and add color to your kitchen
  • Updating or adding lighting fixtures to ensure a well-lit workspace

What Can’t a Kitchen Refinish Do?

When you really want to overhaul your kitchen completely, a refinish might not do the job. Kitchen remodeling companies can help you decide on the scope of changes needed in your kitchen, but any of the following requirements mean you probably need a full kitchen remodel rather than a simple refinish:

  • Changing the layout of your kitchen to improve workflow and make the space you have more usable
  • Adding structural elements such as a new island or an enlarged pantry
  • Rearranging cabinets or replacing them completely

When you’re looking for a kitchen remodeler in Lawrence, MO, it’s important to find a company that puts you first by considering your needs and your budget. The first step in this process is the decision to remodel or refinish . Take time to really think about your needs carefully and weigh the costs and benefits of various upgrades you might be considering before you take the plunge.