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Your Kitchen & Bathroom Deserve The Highest Quality

Products & Materials

Jericho uses only the highest quality materials in our remodeling projects.

You might expect us to say that, and you might think that all remodelers do – but nothing could be further from the truth.

Sand-Based Grout VS. Waterproof Acrylic Grout

Here’s one example to help you understand:

Most remodelers use sand-based grout. It’s cheap, looks good, and costs about $10 for a big bag… BUT:

  • It’s NOT flexible
  • It’s NOT waterproof
  • It cracks easily 
  • Moisture can wick through it and allow mold or mildew to grow behind your tile
  • It’s NOT stain resistant – which means it can’t be cleaned

At Jericho, we use waterproof acrylic grout. It costs more, but it gives you these benefits:

  • It’s flexible
  • It’s waterproof
  • It won’t crack
  • It won’t wick water through it
  • It won’t stain – if you drop spaghetti sauce on it you can wipe it clean with a wet cloth a month later

At Jericho, We NEVER Compromise On Quality

It’s not just about the grout. We used grout as an example to help you understand that there are real ramifications for cutting corners. 

We also only use the highest quality faucets, fixtures, and the highest quality backer boards for your shower and bathroom – not the cheap kind. The same goes for our cabinets, tiles, countertops, flooring – and everything else!

This Is What Kansas City Homeowners Are Saying About The Quality Of Jericho’s Products & Materials

Our Stunning Kitchen Remodel Changed The Dynamic Of Our Home

“Having Jericho do the remodel in our kitchen really changed the whole dynamic of our house. I love the cabinets in our kitchen. I love the countertops, the floors – everything is beautiful. I love pulling into my driveway and seeing the kitchen through the windows and knowing I’m going to be walking into that beautiful kitchen.”


My Wife Loves The Heated Bathroom Floors

“My wife loves it. The shower is what she wanted, and she loves the heated floors. We have tiles on the floor and she loves the fact that it’s heated, especially when it’s cold outside.”


My Granite Countertops Look Great With The Dark Cabinets

“The new bathroom is really nice. I really enjoy it. I love my shower – it’s a brand new shower. And I also like the colors in the bathroom; I really do love spending time in it. I love my granite tops – they really look good with the dark cabinets I picked out. It just looks a little more rich, and it looks really nice. I like spending a lot of time in the bathroom now.”


Jericho Maximized Space In An Aesthetically Pleasing Way

“Since we have kind of a smaller kitchen now than what we were used to, all those little space saving conveniences and everything were just tremendous. And a lot of the stuff – we had no idea was even available when we started the process.”


Jericho Brought Innovative Design Ideas To The Table

“There were things that Jericho came up with and ideas that Jericho brought to the table that we wouldn’t even have considered before – that weren’t even in our heads. We didn’t know you could do that with a kitchen, or didn’t know you could have that kind of drawer, that kind of spice rack, or that kind of an organizer. So we wound up with things in our kitchen that are absolutely wonderful and make it easy to use. And it’s really functional.”


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We’ve Earned The Reputation For The Highest Quality Remodeler In Kansas City – And We Stand Behind Our Work!

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