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Three Key Features You Can Only Get From
High-Quality Fixtures And Materials

And Why We Refuse To Use
Anything But The Best

There are few experiences more exciting for a Kansas City homeowner than the moment that your new kitchen or bathroom is revealed in all its glory. It’s when you finally see that all your expenditures were worth every penny – or were they?

The thing about reveals is that almost any sudden change will be greeted with joy, and few images are more persuasive than the good old before and after photo.

The question few ask is how long will this new look last?

Well, that depends on the quality of the products used in your kitchen or bath remodel. Below are three key areas where shooting for quality will cost you less in the long run.

The Beauty Is More Than Skin Deep


Above is a cutaway image of all the layers that make up your average vinyl floor tile. As you can see, the color layer is incredibly thin and contrasts greatly with the layers beneath.

So, even a minor scratch will leave you with a dark line running through your tile and ruin the look of your beautiful new floor.

This flaw is true of all but the best vinyl tiles sold today.

But the tiles used here at Jericho Home Improvements must live up to our unbeatable warranties, and micro-thin films of color just don’t cut it. Regardless of the material, our floor tiles hold their color throughout. So, even if you accidentally chip a tile, it won’t mar your floor pattern.

In fact, we wish you luck finding the chipped area on one of our floor tiles.

We use these full-color flooring materials because kitchens and baths are prone to experience more ‘gravity tests’ than any other part of your home. From heavy bottles to large utensils and even knives, these floor spaces tend to take a beating over time, and we refuse to install anything that won’t hold up to even the hardest use.

The Quality Of Major Fixtures Matters

Sometimes, it’s difficult to understand the reason to spend an extra thousand or more on something you may use only rarely.

Consider the humble bathtub. You can find one at your big box store for way under a grand all day long. And as an item you must replace to complete the look in your bathroom but will seldom use as intended, it seems a great place to cut costs.

And it is – until you experience a quality tub for yourself.

A standard bathtub is a single layer of formed material, often acrylic. They are lightweight and easy to install.

A high-quality tub is multiple layers of thick acrylic with insulation between each layer. These tubs are much heavier and far more sturdy than your average tub.

The payoff is that even a 2-hour soak in one of our tubs will be just as warm at the end as it was at the beginning. A standard tub will start to cool off the moment you shut off the water – which is a big reason people think they don’t like baths.

But it goes further than just warm tubs.

  • We install faucets made of metal instead of chromed plastic.
  • We use proper shower pans and install them perfectly to prevent unseen leaks.
  • We use high-quality fixtures even when they are out of view for long-lasting functionality.

Everything we use in our kitchen and bath remodeling offers the best overall value to ensure that your beautiful new space works even better than it looks – and stays that way.

Taking The Extra Step

Some natural materials, like granite and quartz countertops, are the same all over. We install both, just like most Kansas City area remodeling contractors, but what happens before we install ours makes all the difference.

Anyone who has ever had a natural stone countertop knows that their porous nature makes them a high-maintenance item. Most contractors will just install them and bury the instructions on how to care for them somewhere in your closing packet.

Not so at Jericho Home Improvements.

We take the time to seal our stone countertops for you properly. Then, we ensure you know how to protect them for decades of trouble-free use.

It just doesn’t make sense to give our clients the kitchen or bath of their dreams and not put in the effort to ensure that the largest features in each room won’t be stained and ruined within a month – much less the decades we expect.

Top-Quality Is A State Of Mind

Anyone can buy high-quality materials, but not everyone knows how to make them work together, and last decade after decade – we do.

Quality may start with manufacturing a product, but it ends with an installer who truly cares how their work will look and function twenty years later. That’s why we only carry products that come with out-of-this-world warranties, which we then match with our industry-best one-year workmanship guarantee.

If you want a new kitchen or bathroom for your Kansas City home to look amazing and be trouble-free for decades, contact us at Jericho Home Improvements for a free quote.