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Yes! Eastern Kansas & western Missouri kitchen and bathroom remodeling during a pandemic is possible. Learn more here.

First, because this can become an insanely complex subject if we’re not careful, let’s go through three quick takeaways so you quickly get the gist.

Quick Takeaways

  • If a serious civilization-ender pandemic hits, interior remodeling will be among the last of your concerns. For now, it’s largely been categorized as an Essential Business.
  • To be informed and understand the specifics involved, you need to check both your state and county guidelines.
  • For your convenience, these are direct links to the Kansas Guidelines and Missouri Guidelines regarding COVID-19.

Here at Jericho Home Improvements, we’ve gotten quite familiar with them!

All that being said, let’s dig into the meat and bones of this subject.


By now pretty much everyone understands the COVID-19 pandemic for America will never be forgotten; a multi-generational trauma likened to 911 — but the experience wasn’t all bad.

Easy Example: For countless families, suddenly there was TONS of free time to spend with household members outside the normal hustle & bustle of modern life.

A side effect in our area (and all over the country during this time), was that homeowners across eastern Kansas and western Missouri had weeks and months of time to consider every imperfection in their most used areas:

  • …those falling-apart kitchen cabinets & trim were suddenly much more of a nuisance.
  • …all the outdated impracticalities of the kitchen became so much more annoying.
  • …with the extra supplies, storage and organization problems became serious.
  • …wait a sec, the spacing and lighting (electrical) could be so much better!

What brought you here though, is with the pandemic potentially still being dealt with in your area, can you call up Jericho Home Improvements and get any of this looked at by professionals, quoted, and attacked head on?

What To Do Before Calling Remodelers

To save yourself time, go through this ultra-simple little checklist. Any responsible remodeler is going to ask you to do this anyway, as that’s likely required of them by law.

  • You must make a sober assessment of the situation in the home in question.
  • Has ANYONE traveled in the last couple of weeks? Was their destination anywhere connected to a state, county, or country identified by authorities as a ‘hot spot’?
  • Has anyone in the home been exposed to COVID-19 that you’re aware of?
  • Is anyone in the home showing signs of illness:
    • Really any kind of fever, but especially those above 100 degrees;
    • Throat coughing; and/or,
    • Any kind of shortness of breath or respiratory challenges.

Another issue to consider are individuals within the home who fall into high-risk categories, for example those with serious pre-existing respiratory conditions or compromised immune systems, and the elderly.

A Note on Customer Sentiment

Stay-at-home pandemic orders give you plenty of time to do your homework on the potential contractors you’re considering. Please spend a good amount looking into interior remodeling customer reviews and testimonials related to:

  • Honesty & Transparency: Do they have a history outside of pandemic-like circumstances that shows honesty? It’s extremely easy to be lied to or scammed when everything is so uncertain and shaky.
  • Interior Specialities: Make sure you’re not dealing with a primarily exterior remodeling company who’s gone interior just to make money or save their business. While admirable, this means they may lack serious relevant specialities.

What You Should Expect From Your Remodelers

Because Jericho Home Improvements is the largest independent kitchen & bath remodeler in the nation, before COVID-19 we were doing generally 800+ projects a year. This is huge in eastern Kansas and western Missouri, and the industry took a huge hit.

However, within no time at all both ourselves and other essential business leaders got up to speed on what we need to do to keep the wheels turning.

Here are the basic guidelines we follow to the letter for those projects that qualify during the pandemic.

  • Primary Focus: staying out of the home as much as possible (efficiency).
  • Maintaining impeccable personal hygiene and sanitization.
  • Maintaining personal spacing (social distancing) and always using proper PPE.
  • Our teams are newly trained to use disinfectants, avoid face touching, and not coming to work if they or anyone they’re exposed to is showing signs of illness.

Like other essential industries across the American economy, Jericho Home Improvements has innovated our business model and adapted our processes to accommodate lockdown and safety parameters.

Benefits of Working with Jericho Home Improvements

While so many other businesses are shut down, it’s likely long-standing and community supported construction and remodeling businesses like ours will remain open. During a pandemic, moreso in many ways than at any other time, well-established professionals are your best bet.

We help overcome important hurdles like these three below.

  • Materials Scarcity: Pandemics can mean supply chains are temporarily shutdown as well, causing many relatively normal everyday items to become scarce. Operations like ours are well-stocked and ready in most (not all) cases.
  • Lockdown Construction Time: One of the more cliche gripes about kitchen and bathroom remodeling with subpar contractors is the amount of time it can take. That’s OUTSIDE of pandemic circumstances. Inside, efficiency matters more than ever.
  • Dramatically Less Hassle: During a pandemic the amount of competition for your project can be off…the…charts! On the one hand, that’s great, but on the other it can cause a huge amount of indecision, stress, and hesitance. Jericho has history.

Act Now! The Sooner the Better

If there’s one thing that’s absolutely certain, you want to get your project on the radar NOW, not next week or two weeks from now. Well, that is, if you’re sure it’s the right time for you to make the move and get your interior kitchen and bathroom remodeling done.

Not sure? That’s great! We’re here to help. If you happen to be in the eastern Kansas or western Missouri area just give Jericho Home Improvements a call. We’ll get your project on the radar alright, and get you the answers you need.

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