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Remodeling your kitchen soon? Whether you’re conscious of it or not, there’s a chance you’ve already started to think about color. Color makes one of the biggest impressions in the room. Soft, light colors can make an airy atmosphere while dark colors can create a cozier look and bold, bright colors can really make your kitchen feel funky and new. But what color palette is right for your kitchen? That’s up to you, but here are a few color palettes popular in 2021 that you might consider.


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A Base of White

White has always been a popular color in the kitchen, and for good reason. White can make a small room seem larger, a dim room look brighter. It can give you a clean, smooth first impression of the kitchen. It can even wake your eyes when you enter your kitchen in the morning and help to energize you for the day ahead. Too much white can feel boring, which is why you should add pops of color, but it’s hard to go wrong with a neat base of white. 


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Black for Contrast

Black can also look sharp and clean, giving your kitchen a stark and dramatic impression. Black is also lower maintenance than white. Stains won’t show as easily on black surfaces, so it will stay looking clean and crisp for longer. You might opt for black countertops and surfaces, black cabinet drawers, or even a contrasted black-and-white floor or backsplash. The key is to use black for contrast, heightening the other elements of the room. Too much black can make the space feel very modern, but perhaps a little closed in and dimly lit.


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Two Shades of Green

Green seems to be in this year when it comes to kitchens. Green is energizing, boosts productivity, but it can feel homey and calming, as well. You can find kitchens going green in a variety of shades right now. In fact, one popular color scheme for kitchens in 2021 is to blend two different shades of green. This adds depth and variety to the room, especially when it comes to flooring or kitchen backsplashes.


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A light teal or turquoise is really such a versatile color option. It can feel airy and ephemeral for a more modern kitchen, but it blends well with warm wood colors and textures for something a bit more classic and cozy. It has the vibrancy of green but with the mellow subtlety of blue, giving your kitchen a fresh look that’s soothing at the same time. Incorporate blue-green tones into your kitchen island stools, your cabinets, or your backsplash to really pull this off effectively.


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Mint Green

This is another soft green tone that makes a statement. Mint green is light and gentle, but it has a fun, retro vibe to it, as well. A mint green refrigerator can feel like a throwback to those old SMEG models. Mint green kitchen carts, backsplashes, or islands give the kitchen a clean, minty fresh look that you might need for your new vision. Imagine open kitchen cabinets or floating shelves in your new kitchen painted mint green against the white or wood or steel of the rest of the kitchen.


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Subtle Neutrals

If you want a kitchen that feels cozy but isn’t loud about it, you might be drawn to neutrals like tan, beige, or off-white. These add color and depth to the space, but they do it in a way that’s subtle and gentle. It’s perfect for a cottage style kitchen or a kitchen that you want to accentuate with potted plants and colorful accessories. You may even be able to work sage into the mix, another shade of green we’ve seen cropping up this year, to combine a few of these color palette trends together.


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Go Earthy

Another option is a combination of those neutral color palettes and the popular shades of green. Earthy shades of brown and green can ground your kitchen and make it feel warmer and more natural. Look for greens that truly seem to represent colors you see in nature and soothing browns for paint colors, lighting fixtures, and shelves. When it comes to your kitchen countertops, a natural stone like quartz or marble will shine beautifully here. If you can’t afford high end stone countertops, go for engineered stone.


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Moving away from woodsy natural shades, you might be drawn in by the soothing light blue-gray tones that are taking over kitchen cabinets and even the primary wall color. This can give your kitchen a light, airy feeling or even — when combined with tan and off-white — the feeling of being transported to a beach rental. This is perfect for anything from a modern kitchen to a classic farmhouse kitchen, and pairs beautifully with natural wood elements like butcher’s block countertops and wooden stools.


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Natural Wood Elements

Sometimes the best color to enhance the beauty of your kitchen is that of natural wood. Wood can be a tricky material for kitchens, given its permeable nature and the tendency that kitchens have towards spills. But when finished with a waterproof stain and well-maintained, natural wood elements can give your kitchen a rustic or industrial feel or even enhance a mid-century modern look. If you’re worried about caring for natural wood, look into wood laminate, mimicking the style but with stronger water resistance.


So how do you want to color your kitchen? Whether you need a full kitchen remodel or a refinish, Jericho Home Improvements can help. Contact us today for more information or to get started with a free estimate.

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