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Is A Bigger Kitchen The Right Choice?

How To Think About Size When Remodeling Your Kitchen

We’ve had many Kansas City homeowners ask us a version of this same question over the years:

“I’m remodeling my kitchen, should I make it bigger? And if, so, how big?”

Life would be simpler and easier if we could offer one standard answer that applied to every situation and home, but of course that’s not realistic. Ultimately, the answer will come down to your own tastes, budget, and preferences.

But that doesn’t mean we can’t offer some advice on the subject. Here are the 3 key questions to ask yourself as you decide whether to make your kitchen bigger when you remodel.

Question #1: How much time do you spend in your kitchen?

For many people, the kitchen has become the central hub of the home. Families often end up in the kitchen for more than just cooking. It’s a place to talk about your day and have a relaxed conversation.

You may also like to do a fair amount of entertaining and the kitchen is a place where people naturally gravitate to socialize.

If your kitchen is like this, going bigger is better. Many people now choose to knock out walls to combine a kitchen with a dining area or other living space. It creates one giant, welcoming space for family meals and entertaining.

Of course, if you still see your kitchen as basically a place to do relatively simple food preparation and you spend most of your home time elsewhere, making your kitchen bigger during a remodel will make less sense. In that case, you can still make it over beautifully, it’s just that there’s no reason to expand the footprint.

For more information about making your kitchen bigger, Contact Usto schedule a free consultation, including professional design.

Question #2: Are you a gourmet cook or more of a microwave chef?

Another big factor in deciding whether to expand your kitchen, is what kind of cook you are. Many people who like to cook and prepare food use a kitchen remodel as an opportunity to create a cook’s dream space.

For people who want a high-functioning kitchen that allows them the creative space to enjoy cooking, a bigger kitchen makes a lot of sense.

On the other hand, if your idea of a good recipe is toast or microwaved entrées, going with a bigger kitchen remodeling project probably isn’t for you. You can still invest in an awesome-looking kitchen, it’s just there is no reason to make it larger.

Question #3: How well does your dream kitchen fit in with your budget?

Of course, making your kitchen bigger also means, a bigger budget. So carefully think through how important expanding your kitchen is to you.

Many homeowners find that sitting down with a piece of paper and talking through the pros and cons of a bigger kitchen can be helpful.

It can also help to get the assistance of a professional company that has design services. With Jericho Home Improvements, you can get a free design consultation just by reaching out to us and scheduling an appointment. Contact Us.

As you think through costs, be aware that there are options to finance your project, and it’s often a better choice to invest in what you really want, even if it costs more.

Not only are you adding value to your home with a bigger kitchen, you also will be living with your choices for a long time to come. Why not get what you really want and then enjoy it?

Only you can decide if bigger is better when you remodel the kitchen in your Kansas City home. To find out more and get professional guidance, schedule a free consultation with Jericho Home Improvement. Contact Us.

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