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Should You Buy Appliances During Your
Kansas City Kitchen Remodel?

A Reputable Kitchen Contractor Can Help Guide
You In The Right Direction

There are hundreds of questions during a Kansas City kitchen remodel — some are directed at the contractor and some can only be answered by you. The questions often seem endless – What type of tile do you want? What kind of flooring? What type of wood for the cabinets? Many homeowners are left baffled and overwhelmed by the whole experience.

At Jericho Home Improvements, we know kitchen remodeling can be a stressful experience, so we want to take as much burden off you as possible. The worst kinds of questions are those forgotten about or those only considered at the end. Many homeowners ask us if they should buy new appliances during a remodel.

Although only you can answer this question, it’s important to think about it before you begin the remodeling process. Instead of answering for you, let’s consider the underlying thoughts behind getting new appliances.

Are Your Old Appliances Still In Working Order? 

If your current appliances are still in working order, justifying getting new ones can be difficult. When you’re investing in a kitchen remodel, the idea of spending thousands more on new appliances usually leaves homeowners less than thrilled.

However, if your old appliances are not working, the question is a no-brainer – yes, you’ll want new appliances. If your appliances are starting to short circuit or only work sometimes, a kitchen remodel is an excellent time to replace them. This also goes for if your appliances are constantly blowing your fuse box.

Are Your Appliances Old And Outdated?

Some homeowners want to replace their old appliances because they look outdated, and newer, better technology has come along. Even if your old appliances are still working, replacing them with new energy-efficient appliances is still a good idea.

Your old appliances are most likely energy drainers and require much power and water to operate. Not only will you have the beauty of modern appliances, but you’ll be helping out the planet with smart technology. Most appliances sold today are approved by Energy Star, showing they use minimal energy to run. Plus, you’ll see lower energy and water bills!

Will Your Appliances Look Out Of Place In Your New Kitchen? 

Besides experiencing the joy of modern technology and amazing new innovative features, many homeowners choose to replace their appliances simply because their old ones don’t blend with their new kitchen. If you’ve settled on buying new appliances, figure out what design, styles, and colors you’ll infuse into your new kitchen.

Your new remodel might look vastly different than your old kitchen – so factoring in your new look will determine what style of appliances you want. For example, you might not want chic stainless steel appliances if you’re going for a rustic look. Though stainless steel is trendy now, it might not work with your kitchen features.

Why A Remodel Is A Perfect Time To Buy New Appliances 

If you’ve decided to replace your appliances with new ones, a kitchen remodel is the most suitable time. Why is this the right time?

  • Remodeling design can factor in your new appliances, ensuring your new design leaves ample space for your appliances. Measuring and designing around your appliances is much easier than remodeling your counter to fit your dishwasher after the fact. Professionals can account for your new appliances as they go.
  • The appliances you want might also dictate the design of your kitchen. Though appliances should complement your kitchen remodel and not steal the show, you might have your heart set on a particular appliance style that will change what color countertops you want.
  • If you’re changing your kitchen layout, chances are electrical wiring and plumbing will have to be adjusted to fit the new blueprint. Installing new appliances is much easier once you complete your new setup and sort out your new wiring and plumbing.
  • Buying appliances for a kitchen remodel might also be more financially sound. If you’re taking out a loan for the remodel, you might as well include new appliances. This way, it’ll all be grouped together. Of course, talking to your lender first is always recommended.

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