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Can You Really Get A New Kitchen For 1/3 The Price?

Kansas City Homeowners Have Discovered Kitchen Refinishing Is Sometimes A Better Option Than Remodeling 

If you’re a Kansas City homeowner thinking about creating a brand-new kitchen, the first thing you should know is that you have options that matter. And the choices you make right from the beginning can make a big difference in how long your project takes and how much it costs.

Many Kansas City kitchen remodelers don’t talk about it, but there is a way to get a completely refreshed kitchen without doing a full-scale remodel. At Jericho Home Improvements, we offer Kitchen Refinishing services, and it’s a way to save money.

In fact, a kitchen refinish can be done in about 1/3 the time and at about 1/3 the cost of a full-scale kitchen remodel.

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Kitchen Remodel Vs Kitchen Refinish – What’s Right For You

We can’t give you a ‘one-size-fits-all’ answer if a kitchen refinish is right for you – every situation has unique circumstance.

But we can give you some general guidelines that can help you as you think through your kitchen makeover.

Here are four key areas to consider:

#1: Do I need/want to make any major changes to the layout of my kitchen?

If you want to change the configuration of your kitchen – things like knocking down walls, re-configuring countertops, changing out cabinets completely, then you are going to want a full kitchen remodel, not a refinish.

#2: I like how my cabinets are set-up and I like the amount of storage space they give me… but they need to look much better!

If the appearance of your cabinets and countertops needs seriously upgraded but you’re happy with how they are laid out and the space they give you, then a refinish could be the way to go. 

#3: Are you hoping to add more to your kitchen (for example, an island or pantry)?

You can add islands or a pantry with either a remodel or a kitchen refinish. It all comes down to whether adding something will change the structural layout of your kitchen. If it changes the layout significantly, then a full-scale remodel is the right choice. 

This is something we could talk through during a free consultation. Why not schedule one now? Contact Us.

#4: What’s your budget and how long do you want it to take?

The #1 thing kitchen refinishing has over a remodel is that it costs about 1/3 of a full-scale remodel and can be done in about 1/3 the time. And your kitchen is beautifully made over.

Some Kansas City homeowners decide to forgo a full remodel in favor of saving time and money. For them, a kitchen refinish gives the benefit of a new kitchen but at a price that better matches their budget.

Still unsure? There’s an easy, risk-free way to get more specific answers for your situation. It’s to Contact Us and schedule a free kitchen consultation.

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