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6 Storage Ideas For Your Kansas City, KS
Kitchen Remodel

Add The Storage You Need Without Sacrificing
Space In Your Kitchen

One of the most common reasons for a Kansas City, KS kitchen remodel is the lack of storage in the original design. Inadequate storage in your kitchen increases clutter, makes it harder to cook, and can be annoying to locate the right tools. Finding ways to add storage to your kitchen during the design process is essential to the outcome of your project.

Fortunately, for Kansas City, KS homeowners, there are plenty of ways to add storage to your kitchen without sacrificing too much space. Check out these six fantastic storage ideas you may want to use in your Kansas City kitchen remodel to improve the function of your kitchen!


1. Embrace Lazy Susan’s

Lazy Susan’s are a turntable that can be spun to help distribute food to those at a table, or at least that was the original inspiration for its creation.

Now, Lazy Susan’s are being used in cabinet designs, allowing you to make the most of the vertical space in your cabinet. These are often placed in corner cabinets that are low on space. However, you can opt to place a Lazy Susan in any cabinet you choose.

A Lazy Susan can be a great way to organize canned goods, pots, pans, kitchen cleaning products, and much more. Thanks to the spinning feature, it makes everything easy to reach and locate.

2. Island Storage

One of the most underutilized features of any kitchen is the island. Because of its central location in the room, an island provides easy access no matter where you are working.

Deep drawers are a great way to have room to store those specialized kitchen gadgets you may have. Allowing you to have easy access but not cluttering the kitchen counters!

If your stove range is located on your island, consider a drawer devoted to your cooking spices, utensils, or pans to make these easy to reach and organize.

3. Backsplash Storage Ideas

Many people think nothing about their backsplash. After all, the backsplash is designed to go with the theme of your kitchen. However, your backsplash can quickly turn into a unique storage area.

Here are just a few of the ways in which Kansas City, KS homeowners are using the backsplash for storage:

  • Placing magnetic strips on the backsplash to instantly hold knives
  • Using hooks on the backsplash for unique cookware
  • Hanging coffee mugs near a coffee maker

The idea is to personalize the backsplash storage idea to your own needs.

4. Floating Shelves

Any scroll through social media or a design blog will tell you that floating shelves are all the rage in modern kitchens. They allow for more storage options while maintaining a clean look in your kitchen.

But where should you install floating shelves in your kitchen? Simply put, you can hang floating shelves anywhere you need them in your kitchen! Many people opt to install floating shelves as the primary type of shelving throughout their kitchen.

However, if you choose floating shelves, be sure not to overload them with equipment and knick-knacks. Keep things simple to avoid a cluttered look – and beautiful organization will be seen!

5. Make Use Of The Ceiling

Have you seen those fixtures that allow pots and pans to hang from the ceiling?

Often, they are seen in professional settings, but they are quickly becoming a go-to storage solution for residential homes.

If possible, hang the fixture near your stove and sink to make it easier to grab the pot or pan you need for that special meal. Just make your choice, sautee those veggies, and move over to the sink for a simple process.

6. Install A Pantry

A pantry is a must-have when doing your kitchen remodel!

Your pantry will be an excellent place for storing items and ensuring you can keep everything organized. We all know that an organized kitchen makes cooking that much easier – so don’t overlook the power of the pantry.

Consider having shelving units installed within your pantry so you can make it organized. You could even install a spice rack into your pantry to make all your spices easy to find.

Organizational Tips For Your New & Improved Kitchen

Once you decide on the elements that will help you stay more organized in your kitchen, here are a few organizational tips to keep in mind:

  • Invest in storage bowls and bins that will hold dry goods. These will be easier to organize inside your new pantry. Go with clear bowls so you can easily see the contents.
  • Use silverware trays in your deep drawers on your island. While these drawers help with clutter on counters, you do not want the drawers to become unorganized. Silverware trays can help you stay organized.
  • Non-slip drawer liners will be a way to avoid items sliding all over the place and a simple way to prevent later annoyance.
  • Caddies for the inside of your cabinet doors can be an excellent solution for storing cleaning supplies for your kitchen. The relatively inexpensive caddies you can hang onto the door are a small way to make a big difference.
  • Organize your drawers according to your needs. What are the items you use the most? Then they need to be in a drawer closer to where you would use them.
  • Wire racks will significantly help if you use floating shelves to organize your plates!

Take some time and think about what works for you. While there are hundreds of organization tips for every room of your home, you need to use the best ideas rather than just going with the latest fad.

Don’t be afraid to think outside the box, either! If you have an idea that will work for your kitchen, go for it.

Free Quotes For Your Kansas City Kitchen Remodel

If you walk into your Kansas City, KS kitchen and feel like all the clutter is closing in on you, it may be time for more storage with a remodel.

Contact or call us at 913-596-0000 today to start your Kansas City kitchen remodel with the professionals at Jericho Home Improvements. Now is the time to get the kitchen of your dreams with all the storage solutions your heart desires!

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