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Never Ever Do Business With A KC Kitchen And Bath Contractor Who Doesn’t Show You This…

Did you know that there are kitchen and bath remodeling contractors in the Kansas City area who are working without proper licensing or insurance?

If you hire one of these contractors for your project, you’re taking on more risk than you may realize.

And, of course, the problem is you may not even know they don’t have proper licensing or insurance because they certainly aren’t going to advertise that.

Jericho Home Improvements takes all the guesswork out of it because we proactively show you our licensing and insurance proof to you. You won’t have to guess with us – you’ll know you’re doing business with a reputable remodeling company that does things the right way.

We strongly recommend never doing business with any Kansas City kitchen or bathroom contractor who doesn’t show you proof of proper licensing and insurance.


The Bad Things That Can Happen If A Contractor Doesn’t Have Insurance (Or Doesn’t Have Enough)

Many homeowners don’t know this, but if you hire a company to remodel your kitchen and bathroom, and one of the people working in your home gets hurt, the liability can fall to the homeowner. This happens when the contractor either doesn’t have insurance or has inadequate insurance.

If this happens to you, it will be a claim against your own homeowner’s insurance policy. You pay a company for a remodeling project and you’re the one that ends up with a liability issue!

Injuries aside, there’s also huge mishaps that can happen like hitting a water supply. Incidents with large amounts of damage to your home can turn into huge, messy disputes when your contractor doesn’t have the right insurance.

This is why it’s so important to demand proof from your remodeling company that they DO have insurance, and that it’s adequate. 


An Unlicensed Contractor = Big Problems For You Later

Your contractor should also prove to you that they are licensed. Proper licensing means that a remodeling company can “pull permits” and get your remodel through inspection.

If you end up selling your home later, not having the proper permits and inspections can turn into a huge and costly headache. 

Plus, what does it say about a remodeling company that is essentially operating illegally without a license? If they are willing to cut that corner, what shortcuts will they take on your remodel?

We happily show proof of licensing to all homeowners at our very first meeting so there is no question about what kind of company we are.


Interested In Getting A Price?

If you want a quote on a kitchen or bathroom remodel in Kansas City, why not call on the biggest and the best? There will be no question about our professionalism, and you can rest assured we are fully licensed and insured!


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