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5 Easy Ways To Make Your Kitchen Look
Larger With Kitchen Remodeling In
The Lee’s Summit, MO Area

Make The Most Of Your Kitchen
With Expert Remodeling

One of the most common reasons to start kitchen remodeling in Lee’s Summit, MO is to make your kitchen feel larger. 

The kitchen isn’t just a place to prepare food. A bright, open kitchen is the perfect space for gathering with family and friends. Why not make the space feel more inviting with a kitchen remodel? 

As the largest independent kitchen remodeler in the nation, our team here at Jericho Home Improvements knows precisely how to make the most of kitchen space. Our professional designers can help you make a kitchen of any size feel spacious. 

Here are our top five tricks to make a kitchen look larger during the kitchen remodeling process in the Kansas City Metro.

​1) Install Creative Storage Solutions During
Kitchen Remodeling In Lee’s Summit, MO

What’s the number one way to add some space to a kitchen during kitchen remodeling

Get rid of the clutter. 

There’s so much to store in a kitchen. You need a pantry space, somewhere to store dishes and utensils, and a place to stash small kitchen appliances. 

Older kitchens don’t usually have enough space for the modern homeowner. A simple set of cabinets just won’t do it anymore. If you really want your kitchen to feel larger, it’s time to get creative with storage. 

It can be difficult to look at a cramped kitchen and even imagine how to start from scratch. The good news is, we’re the pros. Our designers can take a look at any kitchen and tell you exactly how to move things around to make more storage space than you thought possible. 

Some of the strategies? 

Use Up Vertical Space

Always make the most of the vertical space in your kitchen. Chances are, there’s not much more you can cram in horizontally. 

Adding floating shelves or some more cabinets up above the countertops can double your storage in no time. 

Think about shelf risers to get a little more organized space in your cabinets or shelves. You might be surprised how much can fit when you add another level to the space. 

Consider Rearranging

If you’re really struggling for space in a cramped kitchen, consider doing a complete kitchen remodel to rearrange a bit. 

Sometimes, kitchens feel small because they’re simply not set up right. 

Maybe your cabinets are a strange height and fill up too much of the space. Maybe the flow of your kitchen just isn’t working out. 

Our team can help you plan a kitchen that actually flows, with creative storage solutions built in. 

2) Use Colors That Make Your Space Feel Open During
Kitchen Remodeling In Lee’s Summit, MO

You might be shocked by how much larger your kitchen feels with nothing more than a coat of paint. 

Sometimes, the color of the walls can work against the space. Kitchen refinishing is the perfect time to change up your color scheme. 

As a rule of thumb, lighter and brighter colors make a space feel much more open. White, gray, light green, and light blue are all fantastic options. These colors are more reflective and clean, which serves to open up the space. 

Using related colors throughout your kitchen will make the room feel larger, too. 

Cabinets that match the walls blend in better and don’t infringe on the space visually. If your counters match the backsplash, it gives the room a more streamlined look. 

3) Add Lots Of Natural Light During Kitchen Remodeling

A dark room will almost always feel small. 

Kitchen remodeling is the perfect time to add some more natural light to your kitchen. 

A well-placed window or skylight does wonders for a kitchen. Connecting your kitchen to the outdoors makes the space feel much larger visually. 

If you can’t work in a window, make sure your lighting color is working for you. A harsh white light can make the space feel smaller. Cool and soft lights are bright enough without overpowering the kitchen. 

4) Use Reflection In Your Kitchen Remodeling
Project To Make The Space Feel Larger

Have you ever seen a mirror out of the corner of your eye and thought it was another room? 

That’s exactly the illusion that adding reflection to your kitchen will create. Incorporating reflection in practical ways makes a huge difference. 

Now, you don’t have to cover your kitchen in mirrors – although one or two might be nice. Something as simple as new stainless-steel appliances can serve as a source of reflection in your kitchen. ​

5) Open Up The Space By Moving Around Appliances
In Your Lee’s Summit, MO Kitchen

When we work with you on a kitchen remodeling project, one of the biggest factors we consider is the flow of your kitchen. 

Will your kitchen be easy to move around in? Is the layout practical for cooking? How about for entertaining guests? 

Sometimes, the layout of your appliances needs to change for the space to feel more open. Maybe the sink is on the other side of the kitchen from your main counter space. That’s not too practical when you need to wash dishes or fill a pot. 

It’s easy to make a small kitchen feel larger during a kitchen remodel. When you’re ready to start kitchen remodeling in the Kansas City Area, contact us for a free consultation

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