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Small bathroom remodeling can feel like a challenge. A bathroom remodeler in Lawrence, MO, can use just a few features in your small bathroom remodel to achieve a bathroom that not only looks larger, but also feels larger.

Glass Walls

The first feature that will make a big difference in taking a small cramped-feeling bathroom to a more spacious open feel is to not build walls for things such as a built-in bathtub or even a shower. You can achieve whichever feature you want, be it a shower or bathtub or even both, in a small bathroom remodel by not building regular walls. Consider using glass for any walls that you might want. You can turn an otherwise useless corner into a beautiful stunning shower by having two glass walls – simple as that. If you use glass to enclose your shower or bathtub you will not break the line of view, and your small bathroom will immediately become larger-looking. Even the use of one large piece of glass to separate the shower from the rest of the room adds an open feel to your small bathroom remodel.


When you choose your lighting for your small bathroom remodel, ask your bathroom remodeler in Lawrence, MO, to choose lights that give the illusion that you can see through them. A good choice for giving this illusion is clear glass globes for your lights. Whether they are sconces or ceiling lights, clears glass lights – especially circular in shape – give the feel of an open space without drawing your eye to one thing. Another plus with circular-shaped lights is that they reflect light which gives a more spacious feel to a small room. Another excellent choice for lighting a small bathroom remodel is recessed lighting. Recessed lighting gives nothing for the eye to go to so it automatically gives a more open, airy feel.


Choosing your fixtures wisely will make all the difference in creating a more open, larger-feeling bathroom. You can choose a vessel sink that is made of clear glass, which will give a feeling of more space on your vanity. One of the newest sink choices is a “sinkless” sink. The water runs onto the granite counter then disappears into an almost invisible opening against the wall. Another way to add depth and an open feel to a small bathroom remodel is with your mirrors. You can choose mirrors that are flush with the wall that not only give depth, but take up almost no space in your room.


Tiles are a good way to add depth and dimension to a small bathroom. You can use glass subway tile in two different lengths so that your eye will not follow the lines of the tiles. It is best to use a color of tile that is lighter to achieve a larger look in a small bathroom remodel. Darker tiles will feel more dominant, and therefore make the space feel smaller.

If you have a small bathroom that is in need of a bathroom remodel, Jericho Home Improvements can help you make the most of your space. We have a gallery of bathrooms for you to browse through. With the help of our skilled designers, we can make your small bathroom feel splendid. Call us today to visit with a consultant.