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It is universally accepted as truth that there are certain home improvement projects that are more cost effective than others. While this is usually true, At Jericho Home Improvements, we know there are some situations where your money may be more wisely invested – or equally needed – in other areas. Making the right choices for home remodeling in Lawrence, MO, for your specific home can help increase your resale value and give you an edge in a competitive market.

The Exterior

One of the biggest mistakes people make is completely neglecting the exterior of their homes. While there are some people who may be willing to overlook run down siding or an unkempt yard, many potential homebuyers won’t even step foot into a home that does not look like it is properly cared for from the outside. Many buyers are also looking for outdoor living spaces and don’t want to have to hire a home remodeler and start from scratch.

A Basement

Anyone familiar with home remodeling in Lawrence, MO, should know that basements are hot commodities right now. Everyone wants to add to their livable space, for good reason. If you have good ceiling height, it should be a no-brainer to finish your basement. In some homes, it can double your living space, increase bedroom counts and significantly add to the value of your home.

Your Needs

Ultimately, if you think a project is worth the time and money simply for what you will receive from it, then chances are you will recoup the investment cost in other ways. For example, the chances are slim that a professional photographer who specializes in film will purchase your home in the future. However, if you need a dark room to maximize your earning potential, installing one in your home will give you a return in your business income.

If you are interested in home remodeling in Lawrence, MO, making home improvements can give great results. However, making smart improvements in your kitchen, bath and other areas can maximize those returns.