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Just what elements go into a million dollar bathroom look when you don’t have a million dollar budget?  Is there a way to achieve this look on a modest budget? There are a few key design elements that you can add when bathroom remodeling in Kansas City that will make your bathroom look like a million bucks without actually breaking the bank.

Natural Stone

There’s probably no better way to make your bathroom look expensive and luxurious than with natural stone. Marble and tiles are both good ways to bring elegance and style to your space. Some stone pieces can be quite expensive but there is a way to achieve this sophisticated look even on a more modest budget. If you can’t afford large pieces of stone, try opting for smaller cut stone tiles or even dressing up your space with a tile backsplash or decorative tile edge.

High-End Fixtures

Even the most average sink will look totally dressed up with an expensive-looking faucet. Pairing a plain, white sink with an elaborate faucet is not only economical, but it is actually a smart idea. Many sinks and faucets are meant to be statement pieces themselves. Two competing statement pieces can negate each other defeating the purpose in the first place, creating a chaotic feeling. By choosing outstanding fixtures and combining them with simple, yet elegant, showers, tubs, or sinks, you are not only saving money, but you are showcasing a few single features in your bathroom, making them stand out even more.


It’s been said time and time again, “Lighting is everything.” No place is this truer than in a bathroom. Lighting can make your space feel bigger, brighter, and more open.  Installing a skylight can really help make your bathroom shine as it adds some much-needed natural light.


Most any space can look more expensive in white. White subway tile and simple clean lines throughout can make even the most everyday bathroom look elegant and refined. Don’t be afraid to go all out here. It’s perfectly acceptable, and even a great idea, when designing your bathroom remodeling in Kansas City, to install white cabinets, white trim, and even white light fixtures. The result will be well worth it when you walk into your dreamy and gorgeous bathroom for the first time.

Custom Showers

Maybe you find that you would like to add just a few custom touches to your otherwise traditional bathroom. If you are going to add just one element to your new bathroom to give it that high-end feel, go with a custom shower. Not only will custom showers be worth the investment and add real value to your home in Lawrence, MO, but it will be the one thing in your bathroom that you will enjoy more than anything else. Custom showers are exquisitely beautiful and they will give you days upon days of pure relaxation.

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