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Remodeled granite kitchen

This Is How To Choose The Best Kitchen Counter
For Your Home

Marble and granite are very popular materials for kitchen countertops and flooring. Both are natural stone and porous, so it can be difficult for a homeowner to choose which one is best. Jericho can help by doing a full assessment of the space you wish to remodel and help you to decide which material, marble or granite, is better for you. Whether you are looking for the right appearance, durability, or cost, here are some ways to figure out if marble or granite are the right choices for your home.



Marble is more expensive than granite. Sometimes, the installation costs of marble can also be a bit more than expected because it is typically sealed. Since it is less durable than granite, it must be taken care of and the cost of maintaining it over time will be higher than granite.


Marble is durable and is also heat resistant. However, because of its level of maintenance, which is typically moderate to high-end maintenance, it can be more difficult to keep up. Homeowners definitely have to be more careful with it compared to granite.


Marble is very elegant and truly differs from granite. Marble has so many variations in color that it is highly sought-after when doing kitchen remodels because of the various color schemes and different palettes that can be accented with it.



The cost for granite is on the lower end in comparison to marble. It is also less expensive to take care of over time because it requires less maintenance. Granite also may not need to have a sealant, but that is the preference of the homeowner when it comes to the installation of the slab.


Granite is harder and stronger than marble. It is also heat resistant and requires a lot less maintenance than marble. Because it is stronger, it is also a lot more resistant to scratches and chips, but it can stain, just like marble.


Granite gives a beautiful look to your kitchen, while also looking very natural. Like marble, it can come in a wide variety of colors and styles, but it does have the ability to stain. Because each slab is unique, there can be variations that do not always give the homeowner the visual they are looking for in a kitchen countertop, so inspection of the slab can be key when moving forward with granite.

When You Make Your Choice

When it comes down to it, homeowners look at both the beauty of both natural stone options and the durability. The costs can be significantly higher for marble in comparison to granite, but sometimes the beauty within the veins of the natural marble can be more tempting when remodeling a kitchen. If you are looking for a natural stone that is less expensive, easier to maintain and is still quite beautiful, then granite is a great option to move forward with. If uniqueness is at the forefront of your decision-making, cost is less of a factor and you do not mind maintaining a countertop, then go with the marble.

Jericho Can Help You Choose And Give You Options

You may still be on the fence of deciding between marble or granite and Jericho can help you with your decision. Remember that with both granite and marble, there are several colors and patterns to choose from and each slab is unique. That’s why Jericho Home Improvements is here and we have a beautiful gallery that shows both granite and marble as well as a thorough inventory of other natural materials to make your kitchen or bathroom shine. 

We make it easy and we have a professional design team to help you to create exactly what you are looking for.   

Interested in finding out more about natural stone countertops? If you’re in or directly around the Kansas City, KS area, please Contact Us and we will be there to answer all of your questions about refinishing your floors and also discuss any options that we have at Jericho.