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Make More Space During Kitchen Remodeling
In Lenexa, KS With An Open Floor Plan

Transform Your Existing Space To
Maximize Comfort And Efficiency
In Your Kansas City Area Home

Is the existing space in your kitchen feeling a little cramped? If you feel like you’re tripping over everyone and everything, it might be time to take on a kitchen remodeling project in Lenexa, KS.

One of the best ways to maximize your kitchen space is by adopting an open floor plan. Not only will you be able to move more freely, but you’ll also have an easier time interacting with family and guests in other rooms.

If you’d like to open up your kitchen, consider these design ideas to help pave the way toward creating the space of your dreams.

Add A Kitchen Island During Your Remodel

When deciding to create an open floor plan as part of your kitchen remodel, a kitchen island is an essential feature to include. It will serve several important purposes once the project is completed.

First, with an open floor plan, there is no physical barrier between the kitchen and the adjoining rooms. While this is great for entertaining, it can cause visual confusion when determining where one room ends and the next begins.

A kitchen island can clearly differentiate the kitchen from the living room. At the same time, it won’t block anyone’s line of sight, making the space seem more expansive.

Second, it’s the perfect place to add more cabinets and other storage features. Many homeowners use their kitchen islands as a place to install appliances to make working more efficient throughout their kitchens.

Use The Kitchen Island For Additional Seating

Using a kitchen island for casual seating is another great way to add additional space. This option also allows you to forgo the traditional table and chair setup, which will occupy a substantial amount of room.

You can incorporate seating at your island even if you choose to add storage cabinets or install appliances. Combining all these options into one feature can dramatically increase the space you have available.

Include Secret Storage Spaces With Custom Cabinets

Incorporating an open floor plan can do wonders for maximizing your space, but if your kitchen is small, you may find it only does so much. To solve this problem, work with your kitchen designer to create the perfect custom cabinets.

Instead of having your small appliances take over your valuable counter space, include secret storage options. These clever solutions will hide your small appliances from sight, making your kitchen less cluttered.

With everything in its proper place, you’ll have more room to work and fewer problems navigating through your workspace.

Eliminate Underused Space In Your Lenexa, KS Home

When you have a closed-in kitchen, it’s separated from other rooms, like the dining room. In many cases, these other rooms are rarely used except when a special event rolls around, leaving you with underused space in your Kansas City area home.

This valuable space could be put to good use as part of the kitchen area by creating an open floor plan. Instead of only seeing or using these underused spaces once or twice a year, you can get the most out of them every day.

Maximize The Natural Lighting In Your Kitchen Renovation

Natural lighting can work wonders when it comes to opening a space up. While it won’t physically make your kitchen larger, it can make a cramped space feel significantly bigger.

The more light you can let into your open-concept kitchen, the more open it will seem. When partnering with your kitchen remodel contractor, see if there is any way to increase the number of windows in the space.

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