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Good day to you, fellow Kansas Citian homeowner.

You’re here on this particular page because you’re busy doing the right thing. How wise of you to be responsible and search for the best-suited home remodeling contractor Kansas City who can transform your bathrooms, kitchen, or both!

To be extra prudent, let’s weigh each of the six steps outlined in the recently-updated Consumer Affairs piece, “How to choose a home remodeling contractor,” against our company to see how we stack up.

And who are we?

We’re Jericho Home Improvement, the biggest custom home remodeler in Kansas City.

Welcome to our website!

First, here are the six steps laid out by Rosemary Avance, part of the Consumer Affairs Research Team, only slightly altered to work better in this context.

  • 1. Get Recommendations
  • 2. Compare Our Contractor Galleries
  • 3. Ask for Licensing & Certification
  • 4. Check References
  • 5. Review Galleries & Portfolios of Finished Projects
  • 6. Get A Free Quote

Now let’s dive right in, and worry not, we’ll keep it light and easy because we know how busy you are.

1)  Get Recommendations

Since we can assume you didn’t arrive on this particular blog through a personal reference, the best we can offer here are our general online reviews, the reviews we collect on our website along with testimonials and case studies, and our A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau.

After two decades in business, our reputation is strong and consistent across the Kansas City area. Keep in mind we successfully complete upwards of 700-800+ bathroom and kitchen remodeling projects a year.

Out of these only a handful choose to provide any kind of feedback.

  • Case Studies: Rather than try and create a digital library of thousands of case studies, we keep it tidy with a good sampling of five. Both the Rease and Gorman case studies offer pictures as well to reinforce the dynamics of those projects.
  • Customer Testimonials: Once again, if we wanted we could have included thousands here, but no one has time for that! It would only weigh down our site as well. So, along with everything you can easily find online, we added around 30 real testimonials.
  • Our On-Site Reviews: On this page is a nifty website plugin that allows people to stop by and leave comments and reviews directly on our site. We’re working on a couple hundred so far, with the vast majority being quite short, happy, and excited!
  • Better Business Bureau: After over two decades in business and being accredited with the BBB since 2009, three people have registered a complaint. Only seven people have left a review. But consider our total number of projects is well over 10,000.

2)  Compare Our Contractor Galleries

Spending time browsing different home remodeling contractor Kansas City portfolios is easily the best part of the research process. Who doesn’t love amazing new bathroom and kitchen photography?

We have our share.

  • Our Kitchen Gallery: What you’ll find here is a wall of photos showing both full kitchen remodels as well as kitchen refinish projects. The tough part is telling the difference between the two. We’re happy to answer any questions regarding any specific photo.
  • Bathroom Gallery: Here you can browse through photos of custom bathroom remodels, easy access remodels, tub-to-shower conversions with walk-in showers, and much more. Once again we’re happy to answer any questions regarding the images.

3)  Ask for Licensing & Certification

Here in Kansas City, we have every I dotted, and every T crossed so you can rest easy. We’re a part of all the pertinent Guilds and Associations, we’re EPA Certified on State & Federal levels, and we’ve got plenty of local and national Awards and Accolades for you to browse.

What’s critical in this step is that you know who will be working on your project and visiting your property. With Jericho, that list looks like this:

  • Elite Master Installers with all the experience, vetting, and education to prove their skills. They are Jericho employees, not subcontractors.
  • Top team of Interior Remodeling Designers to help create dream bathrooms & kitchens.
  • Outstanding local Office Support and Customer Service Staff to ensure smooth operations.
  • Well-trained, niche industry Project Managers for each and every project.

4)  Check References

Without question, when you first meet with your Jericho consultant they’ll offer you a list of references for you to call and touch base with if you so choose. Where we differ is we’ll give you a nice long list of at least 100 recent customers (remember, we do 700-800 a year).

Why? Well, to be frank, in the words of our founder:

Because any Kansas City remodeler that confidently hands you a list of more than 100 recent customers and says, ‘Call any name on this list and ask about our service and results’ is a company that you can trust is delivering great results.

The list isn’t published online anywhere for obvious reasons. And don’t worry, you won’t be bothering anyone. These folks understand the position you’re in, and told us they would be happy to help or they wouldn’t be on the list.

If you happen to have reservations about calling folks you don’t know in the Kansas City area, we have some simple questions we recommend people use to make it easier. Here’s three of those just to be clear

  • Why did you end up choosing Jericho Home Improvement as your custom home remodeling contractor Kansas City?
  • What would you say about the friendliness, attitude and the quality of workmanship of their installers?
  • If you could go back in time, would you choose them the second time around? If so, could you expand on that just a smidgen?

5)  Review Galleries & Portfolios of Finished Projects

The Consumer Affairs Research Team in this step advised people to actually go and visit some of the references they contacted. And sure, if that’s something you and a handful of our references decide to do we think that’s great.

Honestly, being able to see the workmanship (most often down the road a bit, by the time you visit) is far more valuable than seeing the polished photography we often take right at the end of a new remodel.

What the research team asks you to look out for are signs of low-quality workmanship. For our type of custom kitchen and bathroom remodeling, here’s what applies.

  • Bathroom Remodels: Dark stains on the walls or ceiling, slanted floors, cheap materials, insufficient lighting.
  • Kitchen Remodels: Obvious seams on countertop, cheap materials, “kitchen triangle” (stove, refrigerator and sink) not logically laid out, poor lighting, inadequate storage or counter space.
  • Tile work: Crooked tiles or lines, tile or grout cracking, excess grout or caulking along edges (meant to disguise poorly cut tiles), inconsistent grout lines, uneven surfaces, obvious transitions between surfaces.

We’re not going to try and tell you we’re perfect. We make mistakes. And, at the end of the day all of our Master Installers and Project Managers are human as well.

What you can count on though is that we wouldn’t still be in business in the same service areas after two decades if we didn’t follow-up and fix problems when they pop up.

6)  Get A Free Pricing Quote | Consultation

Last but not least, for any home remodeling contractor Kansas City that passes muster, the last step is to reach out and get your free quote/consultation. Hopefully this blog has provided enough evidence we’re 100% worth your time, and since our Price Quote is free you have nothing to lose by contacting us. Thanks, and we look forward to hearing from you soon.

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