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When you’re tackling a kitchen or bathroom remodel, it’s best to have help. Hiring a professional bathroom or remodeling company can help to make the job less stressful for you, the timeline for the project more smooth, and the end result more stunning. It also makes your remodeling project more secure, as most remodeling companies have their own insurance to protect you from liability should there be any property damage or injuries on the job. But hiring a kitchen or bath remodeling company is not a decision to be rushed. Here are a few mistakes homeowners make when hiring a remodeling company, so you can avoid them in your own search:


Not Being Upfront About Your Budget

Chances are you don’t have unlimited funds to create your perfect kitchen and bathroom. You have a budget, and you have to work within those parameters to accomplish the remodel. What you don’t want to do is be coy about your budget. Bring it up in the first conversation you have with the remodeling company. They’ll be able to tell you what you can do for that budget. If it’s not enough, you’ll need to know that right away. They may also be able to introduce you to help like special offers to make your project more affordable.


Skimming the Contract

So you’ve chosen a remodeling company, had the home estimate, and now it comes to signing the contract to begin the work. You may be eager to get started, but like any other contract, you’ll want to be sure to read all the fine print. Some remodeling companies will try to slip a hidden catch that they never previously discussed into the contract or might try to make the wording purposefully misleading. If possible, you might even want to hire an attorney to go over the language and ensure that there are no surprises. 


Avoid Hiring a Remodeling Company Entirely

Sometimes one of the biggest mistakes you can make is to avoid hiring a professional entirely and try to do it yourself. The theory is that a DIY project will save you money since you’re only paying for materials. However, DIY projects will also require you to take time off of work — or out of your precious downtime. While small upgrades can be fun to DIY, a major gut remodeling job can be stressful…and without a remodeling company at your back, you won’t have much of a reprieve from it. You also won’t have the security of their own insurance and workers’ compensation, so you’ll be liable for anything that goes wrong on the job.


Not Enough Research

Before you sign a contract with any kitchen or bath remodeling company, make sure you’ve done your research. Go through the remodeling company’s website thoroughly. Search their reviews and look for samples of past work. Make sure you also look at external sources like Better Business Bureau. Write out a list of questions you’ll want to ask them and get a free estimate before you sign an agreement with anyone. Signing a contract before you’ve properly researched a company could leave you vulnerable to scams as well as unable to protect yourself if you’re not satisfied with their work.


Not Asking the Right Questions

Is your remodeling company licensed, insured, and bonded? Are they registered to work within your city? What permits do they have? Do they have any references or testimonials to show for themselves? Do they have their own team or do they work with contractors? You should be able to answer these questions confidently before you get started…because you already asked the potential remodeling company. If you don’t ask, often the question won’t be answered, and you could find out the hard way why a certain remodeling company won’t be able to help you. From there, you’ll have to start all over again.


Not Heeding the Red Flags

Is the remodeling company cagey when you try to contact them, or simply unavailable most of the time? Do they try to pressure you into signing a contract that day or use high pressure sales tactics to push you towards their most expensive products and services? Did they only recently open, without much to show for themselves? If you have a bad feeling about a remodeling company, you probably want to go with that feeling. More often than not, homeowners find that those warning signs are proved right.


Assuming Your Job Will Be Done Right Away

Scheduling for a kitchen or bathroom remodeling project can be tricky. After all, your remodeling company has other contractors and only so many remodeling professionals to help. In spring or summer especially, you might have to wait 6-8 weeks or more before work begins on your project. In low season — winter and autumn — you’ll have more freedom when it comes to your scheduling, but don’t expect to sign the contract one day and begin the project the next day.


Hovering or Micro-Managing

It’s perfectly understandable to be protective when it comes to your kitchen or bathroom. After all, you’re the one who has to live in those spaces. But keep in mind that the benefit of hiring professionals to work on your kitchen or bathroom is that you won’t have to do all that work yourself. If you’re hovering or micro-managing while they do what they do every day, you’ll not only hinder them but add unnecessary stress for yourself. Instead, take time to make sure you’re hiring a remodeling company you can trust and then step back with confidence that they’ll do the job well.


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