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We’re The KC Remodeling Company With A Money-Back Guarantee—In Writing

We Say We Have The Best Materials & Workmanship. Our Money-Back Guarantee Is Proof We “Walk The Talk.”

Let’s face it: kitchen and bathroom remodeling comes with a fair amount of uncertainty.

Will the contractor provide high-caliber installation?

Will they use top-quality materials?

What if something goes wrong after the project?

These are questions all homeowners have when choosing a remodeling company. Sure, every company will TELL you that they have excellent workmanship standards, first-rate materials, and so on. But how can you know for CERTAIN?

After all, remodeling contractors don’t exactly have the best reputation when it comes to honesty!

Enter Our Remodeling Money-Back Guarantee

At Jericho, we understand that you want PEACE OF MIND. Remodeling your home is a substantial investment. You deserve to have that investment protected in case something goes wrong.

That protection is exactly what our written Money-Back Guarantee provides.

The truth is that our master craftsmen very rarely make mistakes. And our high-end materials virtually never fail. So we’ve implemented our Money-Back Guarantee to prove we “walk the talk.”

The details of this guarantee are straightforward. If our installation or materials fail and we can’t fix the issue, our Money-Back Guarantee kicks in. It’s your ultimate “safety net” if an issue occurs.

This Is In Addition To Our Installation & Manufacturer Warranties

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But your peace of mind doesn’t stop at our Money-Back Guarantee. We also protect your project with a 1-Year Workmanship Warranty and our manufacturers’ extensive product warranties.

Simply put, you’re 100% covered!

These warranties and our Money-Back Guarantee apply to all of our Kitchen Remodeling and Bathroom Remodeling services. That’s because we’re concerned with more than “doing things right.” We’re all about “doing the RIGHT THING.” And that includes holding ourselves 100% accountable for the results we provide you.

How To Find A Remodeling Company That Holds Itself Accountable

Want a remodeler that practices true accountability? Scheduling a free Professional Design Consultation with Jericho is just a phone call away. With over 800 remodels performed every year, we’re the largest independent kitchen and bathroom remodeler in the nation!

If you’d like to do a little more research, though, claim your free copy of our Contractor Standards Guide. It will tell you absolutely everything you need to know to find the best Kansas City contractor for your kitchen or bathroom remodel.

Just remember: Whichever company you decide to set an appointment with, be sure to ask them what kind of protection they’ll provide for your investment.

After all… it’s your home. It’s your money. It’s your remodel. You deserve not only the best installation and products… you deserve total PEACE OF MIND.

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And don’t forget—you can schedule a free design consultation by calling (913) 303-8544 or filling out our contact form. We would be honored to discuss your remodeling dreams with you.

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