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Before you go making any hasty from-the-hip decisions on your bathroom renovation Kansas City, meet one of this area’s most renowned remodelers and learn the five must-haves to ensure long-lasting peace of mind.

Because we work on close to 800+ a year, well, we spend a LOT of time in Kansas City bathrooms. Way more than the everyday Missourian. Did you know ‘they’ estimate you’ll spend about 1.5-2 years in the bathroom in your life?

That being said, we’re Jericho Home Improvement, and these 5 must-haves are more like tips to help you wrap your mind around a bathroom renovation. It can be tough.

Think of what follows as a framework, or approach.

#1) Gorgeous-Functional Flooring

We could make a solid argument that the best way to approach your bathroom renovation in Kansas City is by tackling the bedrock – start with tiling or flooring and work your way up.

  • Your personal Jericho consultant will help you wade through flooring possibilities, designing the perfect floorplan, choosing the right materials and weaving the details together in harmony based on your budgeting requirements and goals.
  • Aesthetics are a serious concern, but so are the functionalities: non-slip textures or glazes, easy to clean & low maintenance options, long lasting materials, cohesive in the overall creation, easy access and remodels for senior or physically-challenged individuals (more on this in a moment), insulation, etc.

Once you know what the floor will look and feel like, this sets the foundation for everything atop it.

From here the next focal point could be storage.

#2) Practical & Convenient Storage

Within the context of a bathroom renovation, think of storage as your paint brush. The more the merrier, the question is where and how to create it. Imagine going from just placing the toilet paper and towels and random things on cheap open metal bathroom cabinets, to gorgeous multi-level drawers?

Here’s an example from our Bathroom Remodeling Gallery.

Practical & Convenient Storage

As you know, some storage is designed to be visible. Other kinds of storage are meant to create, well, out of sight space. Builtins are a great idea here, but the possibilities are endless.

The point is to rally all storage options around practicality and convenience FIRST, and then consider the artistic nature of each piece.

#3) Wide Open Accessibility

The easy-access bathroom renovation movement was spurred initially by the aging baby boomer population across America. More and more bathrooms needed senior-friendly functionalities like walk-in bathing and showers, raised & lowered vanities, grab bar placements, and more.

Thing is, a good percentage of people of all ages with all levels of physical capability enjoy easy access bathroom features. What’s not to like about them? Here’s another photo from our Bathroom Renovation Kansas City Gallery as an example.

Wide Open Accessibility

Wide open, low walk-in shower with seating, tons of easy-access centrally-located storage, and so much more. And that’s a relatively simple bathroom plan. Even if you’ve already sort of finished planning your new bathroom remodel, just consider what it might look like through the easy access lens.

Most of us don’t consider this as ‘luxurious’ as it once was after so many family home bathrooms are now designed to be more wide open.

Speaking of luxury…

#4) 1-3 Luxurious Accessories & Modern Amenities

For a real sense of luxury, let’s not forget about the near endless list of accessories and addons available these days for far less than they once were. At Jericho, we’re in the business, so we’ve pretty much seen and installed everything at this point. At least in the Kansas City area.

Remember, looks can be deceiving. What at first sounds like an expensive luxurious accessory, might actually be very affordable when working with a professional Kansas City remodeler.

Here’s a few ideas.

  • In-Floor Heating
  • Towel Warmers
  • High-Tech Spa Showers
  • Jacuzzi Soaking Tub
  • Fireplace, Built-in Speaker System
  • Television, or even Touchless Faucets
  • Smartphone Charging Stations
  • Pet-Friendly Bathing Area
  • Double Vanity

Could your new bathroom shine brighter with one or two of these lavish features?

And that leads us to the final must-have – illumination!

#5) Lighting & Illumination – New Fixtures!

In a world nearly covered in industrial lighting (think office buildings, typical ‘stock’ lighting in commercially-built homes, hospital lights, street lights, etc.)…custom light fixtures are always a treat.

And not only are they beautiful, they’re practical as well.

Specially-placed lighting can make bathrooms 100X safer without needing to turn the main lights on at night. They can lower energy usage while keeping light perfectly balanced – focused in the high-use areas and pathing.

  • Vanity Lights & Sconces
  • Flush & Semi-Flush Mount Lights
  • Night Lights & Dimmers
  • Various Styles of Recessed Lighting

With so many options at your fingertips, at so many price points, and that’s without considering all the many collections you can choose from, Jericho consultants really come in handy.

In The Kansas City Area? Connect with Jericho

Speak with a local Jericho customer service rep today who can answer initial questions, address any common concerns you might have, and just be a helpful voice as you get your bathroom renovation Kansas City underway. From there you can schedule a free consultation with a highly-trained bathroom remodeling expert to fill in all the specifics and details. We look forward to hearing from you.

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