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Hey there, are you an excited and fortunate homeowner wondering whether to go with a full-service remodel and design kitchen Kansas City?

We’re Jericho Home Improvement and we’d love to help.

Because of the potential costs involved in kitchen remodeling and the impacts on home value, it’s common for folks in your position to weigh options.

Truth is a full-service complete overhaul isn’t always necessary. We deal with this particular topic a TON and you might find our perspectives informative.

After all, what if the kitchen just needs a facelift and some special TLC-maintenance on this one particular area (often plumbing related)?

On the other hand, perhaps the kitchen does indeed need to be completely redone.

To help you get a better handle on things as you get this process started, let’s look at two core frameworks:

  1. What our basic kitchen refinishing projects look like for homeowners in our area.
  2. What our full-service remodel and design Kitchen Kansas City looks like.

To be clear, these are just the beginning foundations you’ll end up customizing and personalizing with a remodeling professional once you reach that point.

The Basic Framework of a Kitchen Refinishing Project

In these cases your consultant will agree that there really is no need for major alterations or demolition. Your cabinetry is in good working order, you’ve got ample amounts of storage, the layout is functional and works for your lifestyle, and so on.

Breathing fresh life into the space so it will actually look and feel brand new could involve:

  • Completely changing how the cabinetry looks – it’s styling, coloring, handles, etc. – without actually replacing or moving them. This saves a ton of remodeling dollars.
  • New countertops! A potent and impactful part of any kitchen refinish. While there are plenty of options out there, some popular picks are always granite, quartz, and marble.
  • Here in Kansas City, we focus on refinished wood flooring because it tends to work within the budgets for these types of projects.
  • We typically add a brand new tiled backsplash, like new countertops, really adds new depth and vibrancy.
  • Often we include other cosmetic changes to utilize any remaining funds for the projects. These can range widely, but often revolve around updating and replacing fixtures.

Does that help you visualize what your kitchen would look like after a refinishing project?

As an example, take a look at this picture here from our Kitchen Gallery. While it might look like the kitchen was just completely overhauled, maybe it wasn’t. How could you honestly tell? What sticks out though is how crisp they are, those new countertops, and the gorgeous wood flooring.

Kitchen Remodel by Jericho

Now let’s transition into what our typical full-service remodel and design Kitchen Kansas City looks like in comparison.

The Basic Framework of a Full-Service Remodel & Design Kitchen Kansas City

How exciting! Being able to transform kitchens is a real treat for our team and really any interior remodeler who loved what they do. Jericho Home Improvement has our own team of master installers, true craftsmen who have heart in this industry, and we know what it’s like to be your shoes.

Here’s what your project would likely involve:

  • New Layout: Not cookie-cutter by any stretch of the imagination. It will be custom-designed around your specific needs in the space, goals for the home in general, and overall budgeting constraints.
  • New Design: Free professional design. Not with someone in sales, but a guru-level know-it-all kitchen remodeling designer that understands the art and science and what goes into making them come together.
  • New Custom Cabinetry: We work with a large variety of beautiful woods and finishes – this includes Custom Islands as well.
  • New Countertops: Similar to the refinish projects, no new kitchen is complete without new countertops. We work with Granite, Quartz, and Marble.
  • New Flooring: Rarely are full-service remodel and design Kitchen Kansas City projects going to exclude new flooring. We work with tile, hardwood, and laminate options.
  • New Plumbing: Oh yeah, new faucets, pot filler, prep sinks, hot water dispensers, and really anything else you can imagine.
  • New Lighting: With new kitchen layouts you often find a need for new lighting, often including under-cabinet, over-cabinet, new fixtures, etc.

Here’s another great example to feast your eyes on from our gallery. You can see the new cabinetry, new backsplash tiling, matching countertops, new overhead lighting, and all the other wonderful details.

Kitchen Remodel by Jericho

Wrapping Up

If you’re just too unsure and making this decision is too far outside your wheelhouse, simply contact a local professional in your area. You’ll likely get guidance for free and in short order. As mentioned, if you happen to be in the Kansas City area you can contact us today and get all the free help and consultation you need to get the remodel and design kitchen Kansas City project done impeccably well and on time.

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