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Have you have done kitchen and bathroom remodels in Kansas City in the past? Remember how exciting it was and how much you loved your fresh and newly remodeled rooms. But like the new towels you bought for the finishing touch to that previous remodel, your kitchen and bathroom remodel in Kansas City might be feeling dated and worn out.

Changes In Your Life Require Changes In Your Home

The circumstances in your life may have changed, and with change in your life comes the need for change in your home. Maybe you have children now and your kitchen and bathroom remodels from the past were done with just a couple in mind. Maybe your kids have grown up and you are ready to focus more on your retirement. Whatever your circumstances are, you are ready to bring your home up to date to match them. 

What Changes Do You Need To Make?

When you look at your rooms to decide what you want to change in your home, you aren’t actually finding fault in your previous remodel. You are now in need of some changes in your life. Ask yourself what are some changes that you might want to do in your kitchen and bathroom makeover. Just like when you decide to transform your body by getting healthy and exercising, you can also transform your home with a makeover.

Bathroom Changes

If you now have a smaller tub, then a spacious custom shower would definitely be a place to start. Another thing you might notice is countertop space. Countertop space in a bathroom should be a priority. If you are lacking in countertop space, getting ready to go out can be a real headache.

Sometimes a makeover for your bathroom gives you the chance to add features to your home that weren’t available or were not cost-effective for previous remodels. You might want to think about adding some more luxurious features which you will enjoy for years to come. Heated floors are a feature that adds luxury and value to your bathroom. Now, when it comes to showers, luxury can go in many directions, you can choose from custom spa showers, a steam room, or an Imperial stone shower system.

Kitchen Changes

Your kitchen is the heart of your home, so as your life changes, your kitchen will definitely need to change, too. A kitchen that was made for a couple doesn’t always work for a family. One of the changes that can bring a kitchen up to date is a new layout in your kitchen. A layout that meets your current needs can make life so much easier. The flow of traffic is very important if you have a family or if you entertain a lot. 

A makeover for your kitchen could include custom cabinets made to fit your needs. If you love to cook, custom cabinets will make your kitchen a room you love to spend time in. You can add a custom island, or build your kitchen makeover around a range that you have always dreamed of in your kitchen. A final touch that will make your kitchen remodel feel ultimately luxurious is the addition of countertops in your choice of material. You can add granite, quartz, or even marble countertops to complete your kitchen makeover.

If it is time for a serious kitchen and bathroom makeover, Jericho Home Improvements can bring your outdated kitchen and bathroom remodel up to date. We can completely transform your kitchen and bathroom into exactly what you have envisioned them to be. We will listen to you and customize your remodel according to your desires for your home. We will also provide a stress-free, hassle-free makeover that will last. So call us today for a free consultation.