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Secrets Of The One-Day Kansas City
Bathroom Remodel EXPOSED!

Don’t Fall Victim To Speedy
Bathroom Installations

We can’t deny it! We all want fast service, solutions, and bathroom remodels in Kansas City! But let’s face it — faster is NOT always better.
As enticing as a fast bathroom remodel may be, it always comes at a price. And that price is usually in the form of mistakes, cover-ups, and disappointments.

So if you’re wondering how one-day remodelers can possibly pull it off, the answer is… they can’t!

And we’re here to expose the dirty truth about what really goes on during a one-day remodel and why you should stay away from them.

Far, far away.

Secret #1: “New” Bathtubs Are NOT
Necessarily New

A brand-new tub in a day! That sounds great, right? Who wouldn’t fall for this common sales plug?

But what your one-day bathroom remodeler isn’t telling you might change your mind. When they say “new” tub, they’re most likely referring to a new acrylic liner for your tub.

What is an acrylic liner?

Like most liners, bath liners are an added layer placed on top of your existing tub. This means your current tub stays in place, and a nice pretty cover goes on top to hide any blemishes, cracks, or nicks.

But this also means NO underlying issues are being addressed, such as black mold, water damage, or structural problems.

In fact, leaks can even occur and cause water to build up between the tub and the liner.


At Jericho, we never use acrylic liners and call it a new tub. When we replace your tub, we replace the whole thing and also fix any underlying issues we run across. Unlike those other guys, we don’t cover up the problem – we face it head-on.

Secret #2: They Don’t Replace Your Tile

This one may be a given, as a quality tile replacement in one day is nearly impossible. Yet, many one-day remodelers downplay the necessity of even addressing your bathroom tile.

Theoretically, we should all be resealing our bathroom tile once a year, but who actually remembers to do it? But because we all often let maintenance go, several issues can start brewing behind our bathroom walls.

Instead of replacing your tile and using proper grout, most one-day bathroom remodelers do the same thing as they do with your tub – they spruce up the parts you see and call it a day.

Like our tub replacements, we get behind your wall tiles to fix any existing problems, like black mold, plumbing issues, and water damage.

After fixing those issues, we use a special acrylic grout instead of standard grout to set your new tiles the right way. This keeps your tile, your bathtub or shower walls, and the area behind your walls safe from future water leaks. Yay!

Secret #3: They Don’t Even Touch
Your Old Plumbing

As you’ve seen, a real bathroom remodel involves a lot more than just cosmetic touches. And one of those major unseen problem areas is your plumbing.

It’s not unusual to find corroded pipes and water leaks behind your walls once a remodeler gets back there. After all, your bathroom plumbing probably hasn’t been looked at in 50 years!

Unfortunately, for the sake of time, most one-day bathroom remodelers completely overlook your plumbing problems. They figure you won’t know it’s there if you can’t see it.

Dealing with plumbing issues can be a pain in the neck, but come on – they don’t deserve to be ignored.

At Jericho, along with cleaning up mold and addressing water damage, we thoroughly inspect your plumbing to ensure it’s in good working condition.

Once we get your plumbing in tip-top shape, you might even notice better water pressure and temperature control! Hallelujah!

The Secret Is Out: Jericho Home Improvements
Has Nothing To Hide

We’re sorry to say, but we’ve seen many Kansas City homeowners fall victim to one-day bath remodels. And those remodels aren’t a pretty site.

Black mold.

Standing water.

Corroded pipes.

They’re all there and, often, even worse than before the initial remodel started.

While one-day remodelers hurry through the process by covering up or outright ignoring the problems at hand, we address your bathroom’s underlying issues before replacing anything.

And just because we don’t race through your remodel doesn’t mean we don’t know how to use time efficiently. When you’re as experienced and skilled as we are, we get your bathroom back up and running in no time – correcting hidden issues and all.

Start your bathroom remodel off right, with a solid and problem-free foundation, by choosing Jericho Home Improvements. When you’re ready for quality installation, contact us for a free bathroom or kitchen remodel quote.