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Our Hiring Standards Are Exceptionally High –
And We Wouldn’t Want It Any Other Way

Not Only Do We Look For Experience –
We Look For ‘Experience With A Heart’

The kitchen and bath remodeling industry in Kansas City can be a tough world to navigate – both for consumers, and believe it or not, for the contractors themselves.

Finding top-quality talent may seem like an “above and beyond” task to many contractors, so they opt for the easy route – settling for anonymous subcontractors or having low standards for new hires.

But for Jericho Home Improvements, subcontractors and low hiring standards are a major no – and for good reason.

We train our team of knowledgeable senior installers to keep up with our demanding training. We instill in each installer the humility to grow in their craft, and the giving heart to treat each customer with above-and-beyond service and kindness – so it’s impossible not to become a Raving Fan of Jericho Home Improvements.

Potential Installers Must Have
3-5 Years Of Experience

Expecting the best possible kitchen and bath remodeling results is hard when there aren’t decades of combined experience behind it.

While other contractors may let one or two years of experience slide – we can’t, because our rigorous expectations and training call for it.

Our Master Installers are in the top 4% when it comes to their craft – they must be well-versed in every aspect of kitchen and bathroom remodeling. And if they need further training from us to get up to speed, they must be able to handle the rigors of our intense training programs.

But believe it or not, expertise and a willingness to become a Master Craftsman aren’t our only requirements – all potential candidates must also be Masters of Humility and Kindness, as well.

We Value Humility

Humility is an often overlooked quality during any hiring process because it isn’t immediately apparent. It takes time and real, genuine conversation to identify. Not just a standard interview.

So while other contractors may skim over this essential detail – we find it a necessary quality to look for. We take as much time as needed to let someone’s true colors shine – allowing our applicants to show who they really are.

But why does humility matter so much to us?

Because it’s highly correlated to a willingness to learn new ways of doing things. And in our case, we like to train our team to be excellent in all ways.

That’s The Jericho Way.

We Seek Selfless Employees

An unfortunate reality of many businesses is that they’re in it for profit exclusively. But given who we are at a deeper level, giving back is a part of our DNA at Jericho Home Improvements.

That’s why we extend a willingness to give back as a key quality to all of our potential applicants, because we wish to keep our culture of giving alive and thriving.

Not only does selflessness and giving back translate to a more exceptional experience for our soon-to-be raving fans, but it also helps drive our greater purpose.

In doing this, we operate with a driving force that is deeper than just profit. Giving back propels us to include excellence as a part of everything we do – the more people who rely on us, the more responsibility we have to stay in constant service to them.

Having a giving heart almost always produces respect as a by-product. And if all of our team members have that as a part of who they are, it further elevates our company’s culture.

Experience A New Level Of Respect

Finding a contractor who offers excellent kitchen and bathroom remodeling is already difficult enough, so the humility and kindness instilled at Jericho Home Improvements are a rare find.

Reading about how our thorough hiring process translates into the outstanding company we are today is one thing – but experiencing it firsthand is truly a one-of-a-kind experience in itself.

So if you desire the kitchen or bathroom of your dreams for your Kansas City home while receiving the most giving customer experience possible, contact Jericho Home Improvements for a free quote today!